€7,000 fine if you make this driving mistake: you always have

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When driving any vehicle you have to be careful to respect all the rules of the Highway Code (which we don’t all know), in order not to get clamorous fines that can empty your wallet especially in a difficult period like the one we are experiencing.

€7000 fine
€7000 fine – Motori.News

It happens to everyone to make mistakes that at first glance do not seem to be such, because it is trivial and end up having to pay incredibly serious consequences.

Talk about urgent needs which you just can’t do without. For example when you need to pee and you don’t have a bathroom to go to, you think you can do it on the street wherever you are.

Here is the mistake that we all have made at least once in our lives without knowing it

That’s not actually how it goes, because even if it is not a crimevery high fines are foreseen for this behaviour ranging from 5,000 euros to €10,000.

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Everyone at least once in their life traveling on any state road, will have seen people stopped in a rest station intent on peeing, without getting too much trouble. In the same way we will all have done it a bit.

Some have even witnessed the scene in the historic center. Urinating on the street or in public places is forbidden, being that to do so it is necessary to put into practice an act that goes against public decency, that is to pull out the genitals.


Act penalized with a fine, except if…

The act is penalized with a very high pecuniary penalty. Before you risked being arrested for up to a month, today you only risk getting a fine that absolutely must be paid immediately unless you have the opportunity to prove that in the area where you were there were no public toilets or bars to go to.

Those who have specific physical problems are also not paying. For example, one is exempt if one is incapable of predicting the need or of holding it back (this is the case for the elderly). In this case, however, a medical certificate is required.

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For all the others, the road is uphill especially if you are on a main road full of bars and petrol stations where to stop to eat, to have a drink and in the meantime go to the bathroom. In this case, the 7,000 euro fine is guaranteed because there is no excuse to justify the behaviour.