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One of the dirtiest elements of your car is, without a doubt, the muffler. In fact, it allows to eliminate the exhaust gases coming from the engine. As obvious as it is, it is easy for dust, debris and residues to accumulate inside it. It becomes essential to clean the muffler constantly, in order to prevent it from clogging or – in the most serious cases – breaking. To do this, it will be possible to use an ordinary kitchen product. Let’s find out the procedure and all the details about it.

Encrusted car muffler
Encrusted car muffler – Motori.News

There muffler it is one of the main elements of your car. In fact, it serves to eliminate the exhaust gases. Thus, it is one of the components of your car’s exhaust system. The muffler was invented to evacuate toxic and harmful substances. Therefore, it represents a fundamental component of your car, since it also allows to reduce the noise coming from the engine.

The most important function of the muffler is to reduce environmental pollution as much as possible. Therefore, it must work well. Anyone who circulates with a defective muffler that is unable to perform well in compliance with the stringent limits on emissions risks being subjected to heavy fines.

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In the event of a punctured muffler, for example, you may even have to pay a fine of 173 euros. For a modified and non-homologated muffler, on the other hand, the risk of suffering very heavy penalties is always around the corner. In the most serious cases, in fact, the fine to be paid can go up to 1,731 euros, in addition to the temporary withdrawal of the vehicle registration certificate. To avoid any problems, it is a good idea to have the muffler checked often on a regular basis.

The muffler gets dirty often. To eliminate encrustations, it will be necessary to disassemble it and clean it as best as possible. To carry out this operation, in some cases it will be enough to use a normal and cheap product present in the kitchen. Let’s find out what we’re talking about.

Do you know how to clean the muffler best? Here is the kitchen product that will be of great help to you

In order for your car’s muffler to perform its task optimally, it will need to be clean as best as possible and free from fillings or incrustations. It becomes very important to clean it accurately both externally, but also – and above all – internally. To do this, the only thing to do is to disassemble it, so as to be able to operate better and more easily.

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Car muffler cleaning
Here’s how to make your car’s muffler shine again – Motori.News

To disassemble the muffler you need to have a minimum of familiarity with do-it-yourself operations. However, nothing so prohibitive. In cases of intense dirt, the only things to do are to protect yourself with gloves and protective goggles e use caustic soda diluted with very hot water. At this point, it will be advisable to close the muffler with a cap and fill it halfway with this solution.

Before doing this, the advice is to heat the muffler and scratch the inside with sandpaper and abrasive paste. This operation will allow you to better clean the exhaust pipe of your car.

But this is the thing to do only in cases of heavy dirt. If you are constant in cleaning, on the other hand, the muffler will present much less encrustations and it will be much easier to make it shine again. In fact, in cases of less intense dirt, cleaning operations will be much simpler and more immediate.

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Car muffler
Car muffler – Motori.News

In these cases, just use a very normal degreaser detergent that is found in all kitchens. The cleaning will be effective and it will be absolutely practical and economical. The advice, therefore, is to carry out the cleaning operation of the muffler constantly, so that the operations can be simpler and faster.