€16,000 fine if you make this trivial mistake, it can happen to anyone

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Compliance with the Highway Code is essential. Anyone who fails to comply with the law, in fact, risks suffering light, medium or very heavy fines, depending on the infringement committed. Therefore, being aware of the rules is essential. In fact, if you don’t want to endanger yourself and others, the only thing to do is to behave correctly with reference to every aspect. Sometimes, however, someone becomes the protagonist of very disrespectful and completely illegal episodes. When do you risk paying a fine of more than 16,000 euros? Here are all the details on this topic.

16 thousand euro fine
16 thousand euro fine – Motori.news

The Traffic laws it was created on purpose to regulate any situation present on the street. Everyone – motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and many other specific categories – are required to comply with the rules indicated by this code. In practice, no one will be able to do their own thing.

Respect for others and civil behavior are the basis of the correct way of “living” the road. Parking a car illegally is also an offense to be avoided. Regardless of the seriousness of the gesture, in fact, this move can cause inconvenience to other people. Avoiding doing this, therefore, is very important.

The fines that agents inflict on people, however, can also be given for much more serious and serious reasons. For example, greatly exceeding the speed limit or driving while intoxicated are situations that put everyone’s safety at serious risk. The fines, therefore, in some cases can be truly exemplary.

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Also anyone who tries to forge his car’s license plate commits a serious offence. In fact, some people obtain adhesive tape or other objects to carry out counterfeiting actions on this fundamental element of the car.

In this sense, Article 100 of the Highway Code speak very clearly: “Anyone who forges, tampers with or alters vehicle number plates or uses tampered with, forged or altered number plates is punished in accordance with the penal code”. Therefore, there is the risk of paying not only a heavy administrative fine, but also going to criminal prosecution with all the consequences of the case.

But when do you risk paying a fine exceeding 16,000 euros? Let’s find out what recently happened to a “crafty” of our country. Here are all the details.

The heavy fine imposed on an Italian motorist: this is what happened

A citizen of Verona has become the protagonist of something truly unreal. Indeed, he has operated a real one counterfeiting of the license plate of your car, in such a way as to be able to evade the cameras and avoid incurring heavy penalties. The control agents, however, noticed the anomaly. The sanction imposed on the man is truly exemplary. But what exactly happened? Here are the facts.

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Limited traffic fine
Exemplary fine for being transited in the ZTL area with a counterfeit license plate – Motori.News

To forge a car license plate, some people change letters or numbers using duct tape. In this way, they try to evade the shots of the speed camera or the footage of the cameras in some points where access is not possible, such as restricted traffic areas. And I’m right there ZTL area and the counterfeit license plate are the protagonists of this story.

In fact, a Veronese extended the letter “J” on the license plate of the Ford Fiesta in his possession with adhesive tape, making it identical to a “U”. The move was implemented to be able to enter the ZTL areas of the Venetian city without receiving a fine at home.

The police have discovered the anomaly, thanks to some cross-checking of data. So they stopped the man. Finally, from the checks on the license plate, it was possible to detect the presence of adhesive tape.

The fine for counterfeit license plates is usually between 2,000 and 46 euros and 8,186 euros. In this case, however, the reiteration of the act further tightened the fine, doubling it to all intents and purposes and bringing it to over 16 thousand euros.

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Exaggerated fine
Very heavy fine – Motori.News

Today’s computer systems don’t let anyone get away with it. Therefore, these attempts to counterfeit the license plate are completely useless. The invitation, as always, is to fully respect the rules.