Porsche will use Mobileye technology for autonomous driving of its future cars

Porsche will use Mobileye technology for autonomous driving of its future cars

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Porsche has confirmed the agreement reached with Mobileye to equip its new cars with its advanced autonomous driving technology. An element that has more and more weight when choosing a car, mainly in the premium segments.

Many of you will remember the name of Mobileye for his work through 2016 developing the camera vision technology used by Tesla in the first generation of Autopilot. An agreement that ended after the Americans decided to continue on their own with their own development.

Mobileye currently works with more than 30 vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda and Geely Group brands. Several of the new electric cars coming to market feature Mobileye technology, including Zeekr’s first electric car, the Zeekr 001, which is coming to Europe this year.

Mobileye SuperVision is one of the most advanced driver assistance platforms in the world. Its technology allows you to take your hands off the wheel on different types of roads, which would be equivalent to SAE Level 3, although the driver must remain attentive to the environment and traffic situations, in addition to complying with the regulations.

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Among the functions of this generation is also that of be able to follow a route autonomously according to the driver’s instructions in the navigator, make lane changes autonomously and automatically overtake slower vehicles on multi-lane roads in the same direction.

The system monitors the environment with eleven cameras and radars. High-resolution maps (Road Experience Management) and Mobileye EyeQ6 “systems on chip” (SoC) are also used. A combination that uses artificial intelligence to perform driver assistance functions.

It now remains to be seen when the installation of this advanced autonomous driving technology will begin. Everything indicates that it will be reserved for the launch of the renewed Taycan, which will arrive next year and should be accompanied by the launch of the new electric Macan, which should also have this system.

It also remains to be seen if Porsche will charge an astronomical sum of money as Tesla does with the activation of the system in its entirety, 15,000 dollars in the United States, for the moment 7,500 euros in Europe, or on the contrary, it will take advantage of this bet to increase the attractiveness of its products. proposals.

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