Forbidden to put it in the trunk, triggered the withdrawal of the license and a 500 euro fine

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We all think that inside our cars, being owned, we can carry anything. In reality this is not quite the case, because by law there are some things that can never be transported in the trunk of the vehicle.

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A group of twenty-year-olds from La Spezia knows something about it, who one evening like any other had moved to Versilia near Massa Carrara simply to have fun, but the evening had a totally different outcome.

Being a group of six people, 5 accommodated in the car, while the sixth accommodated in the trunk of a BMW station wagon obviously approved for 5.

What you absolutely cannot hide inside the trunk of your car

For fear of the checks on Versilia, the driver of the vehicle had hidden his friend in the trunk thinking not to attract attention and to get away with it. However convenient it might be, the law does not accept anything like this, for which the motorist who broke the law was fined and much more.

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The road agents stopped them mostly because they were suspicious of some behavior of those present in the car but in particular of the haste of those driving. The driver wriggled through traffic at high speed with the risk of running over even the pedestrians in the pedestrian crossing phase.

Following the check, the boy who was driving was subjected to an alcohol test with negative results. But the somewhat strange behavior of the young people present in the car convinced the police to order them to get out and then check the trunk. And here’s the surprise. The sixth boy was hidden inside.

What happened to the driver and what were the consequences of the infringement for him?

For the driver of the vehicle, the €500 fine was immediately triggered with the deduction of 58 points from the license which obviously was withdrawn. Now the young man will have to give up the document for some time. Meanwhile, he will have to complete all the necessary paperwork and only then will he be able to get his license back.

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In case of recidivism or driving after alcohol or drugs, your license will be revoked. In this case the interested party will no longer be able to think about obtaining any licencenot even of another category, for the next two years which become 3 in the event that he should be caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.