Put this piece of tape on the license plate, you don’t know what you can do with it

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Several expedients allow us to improve some situations in each area. Many times some do-it-yourself operations allow you to make various elements more aesthetically attractive. In this article we will talk about the license plate of our car and why a little duct tape (and not only) can be really useful. Let’s find out all the details on this aspect. Is it legal? Here’s everything you need to know.

Duct tape on the license plate
Adhesive tape on the license plate – Motori.News

Every car and, in general, any motor vehicle is required to have a regular one plate. As far as four-wheel motorized vehicles are concerned, this element must, by law, be present both in the front and in the back. In practice, it acts as a identification code of any registered car (or other vehicle).

Only with this regularly valid element, therefore, will it be possible to circulate on the road. The license plate identifies the car and its owner. In the event of a road accident or any other offense – serious or minor – the police can trace the owner of the car, thanks to the license plate. Any administrative fine, therefore, will arrive at the home of the legitimate car owner.

It may happen that the plate can break – after an accident – or that it can be lost or stolen. In all these cases, the owner has the obligation to report the fact to the competent authorities as soon as possible. After making a regular report, it will be possible to circulate on the street by hanging a white panel with all the numbers and letters of the license plate on it. This panel must be clearly visible and with the characters of the normal license plate.

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Pending the re-registration, the owner can then circulate. If you have not made a request, however, you can face a fine of between 84 and 335 euros. But that’s not all. You may be subject to fine even if the license plate is dirty and, in general, not very visible.

This fine will range from 41 to 168 euros. In case of difficult identification of the license plate, the administrative sanction is triggered automatically. Things get worse if you circulate without a license plate or with this deliberately counterfeit element. In these cases, exemplary penalties can be reached (up to 8,000 euros in fines and administrative detention of the car).

But why do some people put duct tape over the license plate? The reason is not what you think!

Duct tape on the license plate, what is it for? Here are the details

To forge or falsify the license plate, some people use duct tape. In doing so, they can change numbers or letters, so as to think they can get away with different situations, such as speed limits exceeded in a section with a speed camera, parking in prohibited parking or other. In reality, one only encounters – as seen – truly exemplary punishments. It’s certainly not worth it. But is this the only function – if so, illegal – of the tape on the license plate? Here are the details.

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Lubricant Spray plate
Lubricant spray, here’s what it can be used for spraying it on the car’s license plate – Motori.News

The masking tape on the license plate it can be used not only to implement a real scam, but for improve an aesthetic situation (and not only) of this fundamental element of the car.

In addition to duct tape, A multifunctional product, such as a spray lubricant, will also be of great help. If you notice that your license plate is particularly dirty or that it has rust or similar problems, then this product will be really essential.

Simply put masking tape on the area of ​​the license plate to be cleaned. Once this is done, you will take the lubricating spray and spray it on the affected part. This double operation it will protect your license plate from any breakage and oxidationi over time.

In fact, as the plate is always in contact with all types of atmospheric phenomena, it is subject – inevitably – to wear and tear over time. With do-it-yourself maintenance operations like this, however, it will always remain perfectly shiny and clean. Even if dirt or mud builds up on it, it will be possible to easily remove these impurities.

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However, it will be essential equip yourself with a multifunctional spray product capable of having water-repellent, anti-corrosive, detergent and lubricating characteristics.