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Maintaining your car is of the utmost importance. In fact, to guarantee a long life to it, it is of capital importance to always check that it has an optimal functioning of each of its elements. With regular and constant ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, the car’s performance will remain very high even many years after purchase. Maintenance is also important with regard to the purely aesthetic factor. There are some tricks that can help you in various situations. Let’s go find out one completely unknown. Here are the details.

Bottle Trick
Trick of the bottle – Motori.News

Take care of your own car it’s not just a quirk. In fact, if we really want it to always be fully functional over time, it becomes absolutely important never to underestimate any aspect. And we are referring both to the technical and structural details, and to the components relating to the bodywork or the purely aesthetic side.

Moreover, there are many people who particularly care about the cleanliness – inside and outside – of their car. Having a clean interior environment free from annoying odors will be very important, especially if the car is “lived” for several hours a day. Hygiene is essential, not only for an aesthetic aspect, but also – and above all – for our health.

Breathing clean air, in fact, avoids any type of complication. Cleaning car interiors consistently takes time, but it’s always better never to underestimate this aspect. Several DIY methods allow you to carry out this hygiene operation quickly and with not too high costs.

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But the car gets dirty – as obvious as it is – even externally. Adverse weather conditions or the deposit of dust, leaves, sand and other impurities often make the exterior of our car dirty and certainly not shiny. Even so, taking care of this aspect is very important. You can take the car to a car wash or clean it yourself.

Externally, it’s not just the body that gets dirty. The fender, glass, wheel rims and many other elements also get dirty regularly. Regular cleaning of each of these contributes to an overall sense of hygiene and brightness of your car. Let’s find out the trick of the plastic bottle and a specific lubricating oil. Here are all the details.

The trick from the bottle: here’s which part of the car will be cleaned best

It is not always easy to clean all the components of our car easily. Indeed, some elements are very difficult to reach. Removing dirt and scale from them is not easy at all. However, we can use our intelligence to ensure brilliant results in these areas as well. Today we highlight the details of cleaning a particular exterior area of ​​the car. And A small plastic bottle and a lubricating oil, such as Svitol, will be of great help. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Svitol rim cleaning
Rim cleaning, that’s what a plastic bottle and Svitol are for – Motori.News

The wheels of our car are – inevitably – subject to getting dirty every time we are about to get behind the wheel. In fact, they collect all the dirt, water and mud present on the asphalt. Consequently, not only the tires get dirty, but also the rims. How to clean these elements optimally?

The maintenance and cleaning of the rims is also important. Indeed, it is not aesthetically appreciable to own a machine with such dirty and constantly black elements. With some small do-it-yourself operations, however, you can solve the problem and always have bright and shiny rims.

For the external and easier to reach areas, you can use a sponge and a cloth. Furthermore, it will be possible to use some special cleaning solutions or an inexpensive do-it-yourself method, including water and vinegar. Persistent dirty areas will be eliminated.

But what if you want to clean the inner areas of the rims? How will you achieve them in hygiene? It is not always easy to clean every element. However, a lot of dirt and – in the worst case – rust will form inside the rims. To clean this area from dirt, scale and rust, you can use a plastic bottle and a Svitol product.

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Cut a small plastic bottle in half and place it with the outlet on the hard-to-clean areas of the rim. At this point, spray the lubricating oil and cleaner inside this bottle. This product will be able to reach – thanks to this bottle – the most inaccessible areas, in order to remove dirt and rust from the rims. A very simple and absolutely cheap solution.