Bottle of soda, why do they all have 1 in the counter – unbelievable

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It will certainly seem strange, but a bottle of soda placed in the car could come in handy on several occasions and situations.

Bottle of soda
Bottle of soda –

In the car each of us has accessories, objects of any kindwhich at first glance are useless and are of no use, except to create chaos and confusion, but which in reality can be resolved.

Absurd as it may seem, some people keep a sock inside the vehicle, some cat litter, some a wooden clothespin or the classic one used to hang clothes and then there are even those who have vegetable oil or vinegar.

Here are some practical, cheap and convenient remedies that not all motorists know about

All of us have noticed at least once in our lives that a strange stench comes out of the car stove which makes the passenger compartment uncomfortable and welcoming. How to fix it except by fitting a wooden peg into the wings scented with an essential oil?

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Instead if the machine is dusty, it can be cleaned with a little vinegar which absorbs bad smells, deodorises and perfumes it, removing all the dust and dirt present. Finally, the sock, you can use it once heated to quickly span the glass. All very useful and practical.

bottle of

Bottle of soda, when to use it and how

But here’s what a bottle of soda left in the car can come in handy for. The bottle of soda can be stored in the trunk of the car safely for days and then can be used to remove bird droppings or dirt or dead insects on the windshield.

The first thing to do when you find the windshield or the car dirty with anything is to take the bottle and spray some of its contents into the affected area. Then activate the wipers which will do all the rest of the work.

The rule to consider especially in the case of bird droppings is to intervene in a short time, to prevent the windshield or car paint from being damaged. Soda also comes in handy for removing stains from car carpets.

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To remove them, proceed as follows: wet them with a little soda, then rub them with a sponge or whatever you have available and the mats will be like new again.

These tips are more than practical, because they allow you to save important sums without wasting time. It will no longer be necessary to contact a professional to eliminate stains or remove the stench from the vehicle.