Traffic lights, do you know the white line trick? You no longer get fines

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Traffic light controls are one of the reasons people get more fines in cities or built-up areas: maybe you can avoid them with a trick

White line makeup
Trick of the white

In recent years, in inhabited centers throughout Italy, whether in cities or small towns by the sea or in the countryside, there have been spread the installed cameras near the traffic lights in order to catch the sly ones who cross the intersection even with a red light.

Naturally, the functioning of this system has not failed to generate some controversy since, according to many, it should be accompanied by another increasingly widespread technology: the countdown which indicates when yellow and finally red is about to go off.

In fact, there are many sudden braking caused by a yellow that went off for a traffic light to which the detection system had been installed. All things considered, this is an understandable reaction on the part of road users and which could, however, cause some danger.

Perhaps to avoid this risk and also to take the fine it would be advisable to know really how this system works and in particular by focusing on what we could define as the “white line makeup“. Let’s take an exam in case.

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The white line at the traffic light trick: goodbye fines?

For a few weeks, cameras have come into action in the Fano area detect the license plates of vehicles in case of violation of the red light. As several users have reported, the fine that arrives at home amounts about 42 euros to which must be added the reduction of two points on the licence.

Traffic light control
Traffic light control –

But be careful because not everyone had actually passed the red light, but only there white stop line located near the light signal. A widespread bad habit is in fact that of not having patience and positioning oneself as close as possible to the traffic lights as if one had a Grand Prix to race: a practice which is well known to the forces of order and which is therefore punished in the same way.

L’article 41 of the Highway Code reminds us that during the period when the red light is on, vehicles must not exceed the stripe. You must therefore know that in addition to the cameras on the asphalt, there are sensors which certify whether the wheels of the car have passed the strip or not.

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In this sense, the law has become stricter since 2010 when law number 120 was approved which introduced new provisions on the verification of violations involving precisely the cameras also for the crossing the line at a red light.

Traffic light stop lines
Traffic light stop lines –

The punishment provides a fine that can vary from 41 to 169 euros: infraction which is considered more serious from 10pm to 7am when the fines all increase by a third going from 55 to 255 euros. He therefore reminds you that the stop line is valid as if it were a traffic light “smeared” on the asphalt: when you wait for it to turn green, don’t go over it.