Noisy windscreen wipers, don’t change the blades: with €1 you’ll fix it right away

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Very often the windshield wipers squeal. Unfortunately, not only is the noise annoying but it can indicate a major problem that already exists or an equally important problem to come. This is why it is good to intervene immediately.

Noisy windshield wipers
Noisy windshield wipers – Motori.News

Windshield wipers are automated brushes that we find outside the windshield and also in the rear window.

They serve to clean the glass making driving much easier and safer because with a clean and transparent windscreen and rear window, keeping an eye on the road is not at all an inconvenience or a problem, quite the opposite.

Noisy windshield wipers, that’s what could be causing it

However, it may happen that while these are in operation, they start screeching even if they are practically new. Those who travel inside the passenger compartment certainly don’t do it in serenity.

Usually you have no idea how to fix it. It is thought to be a noise linked to climatic conditions or to tire wear, therefore everything is minimized, but behind he could be hiding more.

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Whatever the cause and whatever the consequences, disturbing noises can indicate something significant, for this reason it is necessary to intervene immediately to try to fix.

To know what to do, you must first of all know the situation of the windshield wipers, therefore investigate to find out the cause of the malfunction. Usually the cause is the hardening of the rubber so that’s enough remove the brush and replace it with a new pair and that’s it.

Windscreen wipers –

What to do if and when your windshield wipers make noise

After ascertaining the condition of the rubberIf there are cracks or deformed plastic, by lifting the wipers very little, you can go on to replace the entire component.

But be careful because this expense is not always required so sometimes you just need to clean them and make them like new again, spending a maximum of one euro.

To preserve your windscreen wipers, you need to keep them away as much as possible from both the sun and bad weather. So if you have new ones just keep them in a cool place for example in a garage. Same thing goes for the car.

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Obviously these remedies do not make them indestructible and sometimes they may still screech. In any case, to verify their conditions, you must first of all clean the windshield using baking soda and vinegar.

This prevents the wipers from making noise due to the dirty glass blocking them. Regardless of everything, they must be changed once a year and make sure that there is always enough water in the tank because often the noise is due to lack of water.