€700 fine at traffic lights, they’re doing it to everyone: goodbye money

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Getting a fine while driving any vehicle is not difficult. Indeed it can happen and will have happened at least once in a lifetime to everyone.

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Unfortunately there is nothing worse than receiving the fine directly at home, simply because it is unexpected.

It becomes a frustrating and annoying event, firstly because something happened and you didn’t even realize it and secondly because it is the result of our incorrect and inappropriate behavior.

Some behaviors of motorists can have very serious consequences, here are the ones

A driving behavior, which is at first glance it may seem trivial and trivialin reality it can cause hundreds of euros in fines and more, because you go to break the road code which is quite rigid and which does not let anything escape.

Motorists very often engage in inappropriate behavior, incorrect, dangerous driving. These can have incredibly serious consequences, which are generally underestimated but which should be kept in mind in order to be more careful and disciplined in the future.

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What happens if article 146 of the highway code is not respected

In particular, one of these behaviors can result in a fine of €700. It is a traffic light violation, which goes against article 146 of the highway code.

The highway code and its rules are often subject to changes and updates, for this reason it is essential to inform yourself, because you run the risk of making mistakes and of infractions simply because you are uninformed.

This article in particular invites drivers to observe and respect the behaviors imposed by signs and traffic agents. So if the driver of the vehicle continues driving despite the traffic light being red or yellow, and the traffic officer orders him to stop you risk getting a fine ranging from 167 euros to 665 euros.

If the same infraction is committed at least two or more times over the course of two years, there is also the risk of the document being suspended for a period ranging from 1 to three months. At the traffic light, we must respect not only the red but also the yellow.

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Few know it but when the yellow light is active you have to clear the road quickly. If you are already in the crossing phase, you have a few seconds to complete the movement.

Otherwise you have to stop the march behind the line. Anyone who does not respect the rules risks fines that can be paid directly by the traffic officers present as well as by the T-Reds.