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The car tax is among the taxes most hated by motorists in Italy, who often avoid paying it in the hope of not having problems of any kind over the years and not being discovered following checks that can have serious consequences.

Zero euro car tax
Zero euro car tax – Motori.News

The reason why many motorists avoid paying car tax, it is mainly one, it is a very high tax considered useless, which not everyone is able to afford.

Unlike insurance which is paid only if the vehicle is used to move, the road tax must be paid regardless, even if the vehicle is only kept in the garage and is not used for travelling, whether short or long.

Many motorists don’t pay, the Government chooses to run for cover, that’s how

Unfortunately, being many motorists who evade the payment of the stamp duty for several years now but especially starting from 2019 therefore from the economic crisis linked to the covid, the government has become alarmed and has thus looked for ways to be sure that everyone is able to pay it and cope with the increases without too many problems.

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Especially the Government went to support families who are unable to make it to the end of the month and therefore do not pay the car tax due to necessity.


How to save on car tax payments, here’s who’s entitled to it

You may not pay the road tax if you own vintage cars registered in the special registers. Those who belong to this category may not pay the stamp duty and still be in good standing without risking fines by presenting the documents to the DMV.

Alternatively, you can buy an electric car, because non-polluting ones in some regions are free. There are regions in which the subsidy lasts for 5 years, while in others it is unlimited. You need to inform yourself properly to know your rights.

The third method to save on the payment of the car tax is to make use of the law 104. Among other things, those who are beneficiaries of the law 104 not only do not pay the car tax but have the opportunity to enjoy many other concessions from the moment of purchase of the vehicle, discounts and much more.

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The reason is one in particular: the vehicle is used to give help and assistance to non self-sufficient people. All that remains is to ask for information and try to save as much as possible.