Noisy windscreen wipers, don’t change the blades: with €1 you’ll fix it right away

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Noisy windshield wipers are one of the most common inconveniences: but you can solve it for very little money without changing the blades

Noisy windshield wipers
Noisy windshield wipers – Motori.News

Especially after having had the car for a long time, or if unfortunately you can do nothing but leave your car outside in the sun and in the cold, it happens that wiper blades they can get ruined.

This means that the next time it rains or you need it anyway, you will notice how cleaning will no longer be as perfect as before and that above all they will begin to be annoyingly loud in such a way as to push you to change them as soon as possible.

But is it really so? Isn’t there an alternative to spending money on new brushes which, for the same reason, you should be able to change again after some time? In fact, with this article we want to give you a little tip: it costs very little and allows you to prolong the life of your windscreen wiper blades quickly and easily.

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Noisy windshield wipers: how to do it? The remedy that costs you one euro

Before proceeding let’s try to understand what really causes the noise. We raise the wipers and check if there are any cuts or cracks on the rubber of the brushes. If you notice that the rubber is punctured or that the plastic practically breaks just by touching it with your hand it is clear that there is little you can do: you will have to change the whole part.

Car wipers
Car wipers –

Instead, in the event that the brushes still seem intact and you notice that there is actually some accumulated dirt this could be the real cause that causes noise when you use them. Also in this case you have to act quickly because, depending on the type of dirt, you also risk damaging the windshield glass.

The best thing therefore is to try to clean them using a solution that includes baking soda and water or water and vinegar. Alternatively, you can also buy those useful products for cleaning windows that you find in supermarkets or specialized shops.

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Clean well the wipers and then do the same thing with the same windshield: You will notice that the next time you operate them the noise will have practically disappeared.

However, this solution does not protect you from the natural deteriorate due to time: bear in mind that it may be necessary to change the windscreen wipers at least once a year, which becomes two if you manage to use them well and you keep the car in a garage protecting it from the sun and various bad weather, including the cold.

Wiper control
Wiper control –

The windshield wipers, after all, are among the most delicate parts of the car as they are always in contact with the outside and the agents that end up on your windshield. Few miracles can be done to make them last a long time, but prevention will at least help you avoid premature malfunction.

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