Flat battery, try the clutch trick: don’t change it anymore

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It must have happened to everyone at least once in their life to find themselves with a dead car battery and then suddenly find themselves on foot, forced to push it all the way to the point of putting it aside so as not to cause traffic problems.

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To have these problems are often the cars with the manual transmission that are unable to restart nas soon as the battery is slightly discharged.

To be able to restart it, you generally have to push it downhill, because in this way the work is greatly facilitated. Obviously the method should only be used if you do not have the starter cables available which make everything much easier.

The car does not start due to a flat battery, the appropriate solutions to the problem

In any case, here are some tricks that can come in handy, ready to restart the machine in seconds, limiting expenses. The first thing you need to do is engage second gear by pushing the clutch pedal. Once done, turn on the ignition by inserting the key, just like you normally do.

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If the car doesn’t start, put the car in gear and start pushing the car downhill. this method always works anyway. The only thing you must always pay attention to is that the clutch is fully depressed and that second gear is engaged because it is the only one capable of giving the vehicle the right amount of torque that allows you to restart without problems.

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Here’s what to pay attention to in order for the car to start downhill again

Of course, it shouldn’t be necessary to specify this, the handbrake must be released as soon as put the gear in and push the car. Once the car is moving you let go of the clutch, accelerate to start the engine and you’re ready to drive again.

It is specified that the vehicle must not be switched off for any reason for at least 15 minutes because otherwise it will not start again. The alternator needs a quarter of an hour to recharge the battery enough.

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The speed to be reached to restart the vehicle is between 10 and 25 km per hour. It is advisable to engage second gear because only in this way does restarting the engine not take place abruptly and dangerously.

If you don’t have much room to push the vehicle, you can also engage first gear. If all of this fails, then you can try to restart the car by releasing the clutch only after reaching a higher speed than the previous one.