Motorcycle bonus, €4000 discount on purchases: you don’t need the ISEE

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The new motorbike bonus allows you to receive a discount of up to 4,000 euros: you can request it without ISEE, here’s how it works

Motorcycle Bonus
Motorbike bonus – Motori.News

The motorcycle bonus has also been extended for the calendar year 2023. Together with the car bonus and the columns designed for electric cars, the government has confirmed that the bonus dedicated to the purchase of new motorcycles is valid again this year thanks to a new funding from the Mise which provides for a figure of about 20 million euros in support.

The other good news is precisely this: compared to the previous decree, the sum that has been allocated by the Mise has increased by another 20 million euros and above all to access the incentives it is not necessary to have particular requirements so much so that it is possible to request it regardless of the ISEE to which it belongs.

Practically speaking, the motorcycle bonus 2023 provides a discount of up to 4000 euros on the purchase of motorcycles and mopeds: perfect news if you were thinking of giving yourself a gift on two wheels for next summer or you need a scooter to get around town more easily without having to take the car.

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Motorcycle bonus 2023: how it works, who is entitled to it and how to request it

The 2023 motorcycle bonus works, as we said, somewhat differently than the bonus for cars. In fact, there is no entry threshold based on one’s ISEE: all those interested in buying a motorcycle can do so regardless, accessing the discount through the same dealer.

Motorcycle on the street
Motorcycles on the road –

They are in fact the dealers to have the opportunity to access the online platform made available by the Mise in order to offer potential buyers discounts that can reach up to a maximum of 4,000 euros.

The facilitation is provided for the purchase of motor vehicles belonging to the categories L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e and L7e. It should be emphasized that the bonus takes the form of a double contribution which depends on whether, together with the purchase of a new vehicle, there is also the scrapping of the old one.

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In practical terms, the first contribution provided for by the 2023 motorcycle bonus allows access to a 30% discount, up to a maximum of 3000 euros, on the list price if the buyer does not intend to supply a scrapped vehicle in turn. If you give your old bike back instead the discount reaches 40% with a maximum ceiling of 4000 euros reduction on the list price of the new one.

A scooter
A scooter –

And for electric motorcycles? Here the matter changes a bit because first of all there is a maximum list cost of 2500 euros, but the discount percentage is fixed at 40%. Here, however, the scrapping of an old scooter is necessarily required.

For more information however, you can consult your trusted dealer who will inform you of all the advantages in this sense.

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