Superbike sparks: Bautista-Carrasco what an uproar, big words even between Redding and Sykes

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The quarrel between Alvaro Bautista and Ana Carrasco was the fuse between Superbike riders. The report of the whole story.

Bautista-Carrasco, it doesn’t end here – MotoriNews

The question and answer between Alvaro Bautista And Ana Carrasco obscured the test result Superbikes just finished in Jerez. The reigning WorldSBK champion and the rider Moto3 they had quite a bickering these days, triggered by some declarations from the former that the latter didn’t really like, therefore with a somewhat response piccata. But that’s not all: they jumped in the fray in fact, two other World Superbike riders, that is Scott Redding And Tom Sykes. A real tinderboxread what happened.

Bautista vs. Carrasco

The start was given by statements of the Ducati world champion. On the first day of testing Alvaro Bautista he also suffered a fall, which he later explained to reporters. Ana Carrasco preceded me about half straight” he recounted. “But under braking I got closer too quickly to her. I moved the bike, I went over the dirt and the front slipped.” But the sequel is much more heavy: “Ana should run with the amateurs, it’s too slow for Superbike or Supersport. Not sure.” Carrasco, who was living in those days training with a street motorbike in Jerez, she resented a lot and didn’t send word to her compatriot. Amateur you say that because I’m a woman?? Piccata Carrasco wrote on his social channels. “World Champion, I saw the table on the finish line and i knew that you were coming. Between T1 and T2 I am moved inside, I turned to see when you passed and I saw you fall. Don’t tell stories.”

Bautista vs Carrasco, 2nd round

Did you think that it was over between Bautista and Carrasco? Absolutely not, as others have joined the controversy, two pilots who have always outspoken. The first was Scott Reddingwho had already attacked the Ducati rider over the minimum weight issue (Redding is taller and heavier). “Alvaro, nobody else He has had problems” wrote the Briton via social media. “A world champion must be able to handle the bike in the presence of others.” The answer comes promptly Tom Sykeswho sides with Bautista: “You seem to use paper ‘gender‘ when it’s convenient.” Redding then replies: You unite against one of the few women in the sport.” Sykes vehemently denied andlast attack of Redding then closed as follows: “Ana Carrasco is one champion and she knows I respect her. Don’t use his image for show off!” Climate far too hot for Superbike tests…

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