Bucket full of ice in the car, because years ago everyone did it: crazy

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There are some moves that, on the surface, may seem strange. Many people, in fact, place some objects or products anomalous for this “place” inside their car. Nonetheless, these elements can really prove to be very useful in the presence of some specific conditions and problems. Even if he never thought about such possibilities, some tricks of our grandparents may still prove relevant today. Technology always helps us, but sometimes relying on old remedies can still make the difference today. What can a bucket of ice be used for in the car? Here are the details.

Bucket of ice in the car – Motori.News

The ice it is something that immediately puts a situation of refreshment in our head. This is certainly not the right season to name this word, but it is good to know that this element can prove to be really important in our car, especially in some specific situations.

Now ice – especially for those who live in the mountains or in some cold cities – is much easier to find “naturally” on the windows of your car. But in the hottest and most sultry seasons, on the other hand, this element could be essential to have inside your car.

In fact, there are many people who have to use their car every day in all possible climatic conditions. Both in winter and in summer – for work reasons or for other reasons – doing without a car could be completely impossible for some.

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Therefore, some other “disturbance” elements could also be added to the dizzying increase in petrol prices. We are referring to cold or intense heat, depending on the reference season. Given the presence of ice, in this article we will deal with the remedies to overcome the strong heat of the summer months.

And an ice bucket can really help us, as our grandparents taught us. Let’s find out the importance of this move and the great savings that this use can bring. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is ice used for in the car? Here is the detail that will surprise you

In the hottest summer months, the air inside the passenger compartment can reach infernal temperatures.

Car ice
Ice, what can it be used for in the car? – Motors.News

Especially if the car is left parked in the sun, temperatures above 40° can easily be recorded on return. Many are wondering how to remedy this, in order to have acceptable temperatures in a short time.

The most obvious solution – but also the most expensive in terms of consumption – is to turn on the air conditioning. If, however, you want to save petrol – and in this historical moment it becomes, for many, fundamental – there are some tricks. One of these takes as a reference a method used by our grandparents. We are referring to the presence of an ice bucket in the car.

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A thermal bag with ice inside can, in fact, be of great help. On our return to the car we can put the ice in a special bucket. In this way, this element can replace the use of air conditioning.

Car ice bucket
Put an ice bucket inside the car: this is what happens – Motori.News

You will get good cooling and we may not need to turn on the air conditioning.

Indeed, by turning on the fan directing it towards the ice bucket, it will be possible to obtain good cooling. This method was also used well before the invention of air conditioning. A do-it-yourself solution that you can still use today.

Indeed, if you have to make a short trip to the city it could be useless and too inconvenient to turn on the air conditioning. This ice method just described, on the other hand, can be of great help to us.

Furthermore, in the city and for short trips, there are many other solutions without having to turn on the air conditioning. For example, open all the windows, combining this move with turning on the fan, it could be a good solution to make the air “move” and get a little refreshment.

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Also place a damp cloth on the air vent it could be a do-it-yourself solution to improve the heat-related situation. In a few months it will be summer: don’t be caught unprepared!