the law does not admit ignorance

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If you make this mistake, the Highway Code provides for the imposition of a fine of 870 euros. We must pay close attention, the law does not admit any ignorance.

€870 fine if you make this mistake
€870 fine if you make this

Every Italian motorist is required to comply with certain rules and regulations contained in the code discipline, which are subject to continuous updates. In the event that there is no compliance with the legislation contained in the Highway Code, sanctions are immediately triggered. There is a very important document that must never be missing. Which document are we talking about? The code legislation is very strict and clear in this regard. Yet, the law does not admit the ignorance of the motorist himself. For this, we must be careful and know that if we make a certain mistake, a fine of 870 euros will be triggered.

Watch out for this document: you risk a lot

Driving your car on the roads involves compliance with the regulations contained in the Traffic laws. One of the essential elements is to drive without being in possession of the RC Auto, or the car insurance policy. Car insurance is mandatory and allows you to protect the motorist in the event of a road accident. If you don’t have the RC Auto, it’s a good idea not to leave your home: you risk a really big one.

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RC Auto: never go out without

The legislation in force does not allow the motorist to circulate without being in possession of the car policy. This document is mandatory and necessary. The purpose of the insurance contract is to protect the rights of third parties, who need the payment of compensation following the damage suffered. In addition to civil liability (RC Auto), the policyholder can subscribe to a series of ancillary guarantees to cover the risk of theft, legal protection, fire, etc. Many insurance policies allow you to subscribe to a completely personalized, modular and flexible product based on different needs.

RCA insurance –

Traveling without this document: what are the risks?

Anyone who travels on board their car without being in possession of an insurance policy is at a really big risk. The legislation provides that those who park their car without insurance coverage also risk having the vehicle confiscated. A police patrol could trace the vehicle’s license plate back to the status of auto insurance payments. There fine fine imposed is equal to 870 euros. For this reason, it is advisable to verify the possession of the insurance policy. Driving without this document entails the imposition of a fine and, in the most serious cases, also the seizure of the vehicle.

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