Clean car windshield with shaving cream, crazy result

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Shaving cream is good for its conventional purposes, but it can help you incredibly in your car as well. We explain how

Shaving foam
Shaving foam on the windshield – Motori.News

Autumn and winter rains, but also extremely low temperatures, are making a comeback the usual problem of fogging windows for humidity and temperature difference between inside and outside.

To solve we use the most common methods: we turn on the hot air conditioningbut in some cases, however, this risks making the situation worse because, as the internal temperature of the car increases, when we turn off the air conditioning again, we will find ourselves again with the age-old problem, thus continuing to switch off and on with the air conditioning certainly not healthy.

Another mistake not to make is to try to clean with your hands: the risk is that the mark will remain and will reappear the next time the car is fogged up with an annoying anti-aesthetic effect. The best thing to do is to use a instead soft cloth in order to create a uniform cleaning and above all that does not leave marks on the glass.

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Today, however, we want to talk to you about one method even more effective and certainly much more innovative. And yes, as you imagine, the use of shaving cream has something to do with it. We explain how it can help you and above all how to use it in a functional way.

Shaving foam against fogged windows: the innovative and effective method

If your car windows always fog up from the inside, you can really do something with shaving foam. All you have to do is pour some shaving cream on a cloth and start cleaning fogged windows. Once this system has been applied you will see that the humidity will disappear and above all you will have created a sort of patina which prevents this from happening on a second occasion.

Shaving foam on car
Shaving foam on cars –

You can try it yourself to do a test “breathing” on the glass: you will see that the protection you have applied ensures that the water droplets cannot take root and therefore form that annoying fogging effect.

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You can do the same thing with the windshield because, always talking about winter situations, having a frozen windshield the morning is something that makes us waste a lot of time causing us a lot of annoyance. Moisture will no longer settle on the glass, thus preventing it from turning into ice during the night, sometimes so thick that you really struggle to clean it.

Fogged up windows
Fogged up windows –

Knowing the method, let’s do the job: apply the shaving foam with a cloth on all the windows of the car and in this way you are sure that next time you will not find yourself with fogged windows due to a bit of cold or pouring rain . Try it as well and you’ll soon find out how it works.