Windshield wipers without water, try this right away: solve it without spending €1

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The function of the windshield wipers is known to everyone. In fact, by activating these devices, it will be possible to remove dirt and water from the windscreen and rear window. The action of the windscreen wipers must always be combined with the outflow of water and detergent, so that even the most stubborn dirt can be removed. Having optimal visibility while driving is essential. Sometimes, however, it may happen that little water comes out on the glass. Let’s find out why this can happen. Here are the details about it.

Windscreen washer water
Windscreen washer

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you always have to pay attention to every detail. Indeed, it will not be advisable to drive in unsuitable conditions, both with reference to your own condition and that of the car. In this article, we will see the importance of windshield wipers and find out what to do if they are not working properly.

Driving visibility is always essential. In fact, it is not appropriate to operate the engine in the presence of dirty glass. Moreover, especially in winter, atmospheric precipitations are frequent. Having good windshield wipers, able to be operated in the event of rain or otherwise, is therefore essential.

Furthermore, sometimes it may happen that dust, sand or other impurities can deposit on the windows of our car. In these cases, the simple action of the windscreen wipers may not be enough to make the glass shiny and free from impurities. It will therefore be appropriate also combine them with the leakage of a particular windshield washer fluid.

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It will guarantee you excellent results in the presence of intense dirt. As obvious as it is, it is essential that the wiper blades are in perfect working order. If you notice streaks on the windows with each pass or a strange noise, then it will be advisable to change the brushes, due to the wear of the rubber. On average, they will need to be replaced every 8-12 months.

But that’s not the only problem related to the correct functioning of these devices. Indeed, in some cases it may happen that the windshield washer fluid does not come out as well as possible from the specific nozzles. For what reason? Let’s find out how to solve this problem in a simple and cheap way.

No windshield cleaning fluid coming out? Here’s why and how to fix it

Like windshield wipers, water jets are also subject to wear. In this specific case, they they can get clogged and encrusted. In cases of maximum obstruction, the water or washer fluid may not even reach the windscreen or rear window. How to solve the problem?

Windscreen washer water
Leakage of washer fluid. Why can the nozzles get clogged? Here’s how to fix it – Motori.News

In the most banal case, the non-arrival of the liquid on the glass occurs precisely because this substance is no longer present inside the special tray present in the hood. Before proceeding with the method that we are going to describe to you, therefore, check that the problem is not due to a trivial absence of the liquid. If it does, however, then here’s how to fix it.

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The nozzles can become clogged due to the insertion of tap water or a non-performing and qualitative detergent. Therefore, always choose a branded detergent and always use distilled water only. In this way, you will prevent the nozzles from becoming encrusted due to limescale.

The tray in the bonnet will also need to be cleaned often to remove any limescale residue. But if the damage is done by now, you just have to remove the obstruction to let the liquid flow back to the windows as best as possible.

In the simplest case, just use a regular needle. Its characteristics will allow you to insert it inside the liquid outlet holes. If this is the filling area, then you will have solved everything with a simple needle.

If the problem persists, then it will be advisable to open the bonnet and see if this substance arrives from the rubber tube which carries the liquid to the special nozzles. Blowing compressed air into the rubber tube should solve the problem.

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Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wipers – Motors.News

However, if you can’t solve everything in this case either, the only solution is to go to a specialized workshop. However, we advise you to try to solve this problem yourself first. In many cases, in fact, you will be able to solve the situation easily, without spending money at the mechanic.