440 euros fine for those who have these gadgets in the car: prohibited by law

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There is a 440 euro fine for all those who have gadgets in their car that are absolutely prohibited by Italian law.

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However, few motorists know it, while others pretend not to know. We’re talking about all those who think, indeed are really sure that they can do whatever they want in the car simply because it is a private vehicle.

Although each of us may have bought the car with sacrifices and sweat, the transformation of cars is not allowed in Italy. The highway code with its articles gives very precise indications that they have to do with the aesthetics, and not only, of cars.

What does the law say about electronics and mechanical components of cars

In a nutshell, by law, all vehicles must remain as they leave the factory, minor modifications can be applied, what is certain is that particular gadgets cannot be applied, nor can they be modified any electrical or mechanical component that makes the vehicle more performing.

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In this sense, car enthusiasts must give up modifications of a certain type, from the most trivial to the most substantial, unless they want to risk fines savory appliance and unwelcome and unpleasant consequences.

The fines if you change the vehicle owned, in a purely illegal way, go beyond 400 euros and additional consequences that vary according to the seriousness of the crime committed.


What do you risk if you commit an illegality of this kind

There is someone who, despite all this, chooses to take a risk and modify their car as they see fit, for example modifying side skirts, mufflers, lights and so on in the hope that no one will ever notice. Many motorists for example modify the LEDs of the headlights, to have a light of different shades and depths.

However, it must be known that the forces of order do not miss anything and that if they were to realize what has been done they can also decide to fine motorists for over 400 euros andadd the withdrawal of the booklet to the penalty.

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This means that the owner of the vehicle has to do without it for a different timeor. To get back in possession of the vehicle, he must make sure that everything is in order and then provide for the uninstallation of the illegal gadgets installed.

Obviously, if he commits other infractions, he also risks having points deducted from his licence, which vary according to the seriousness of the crime committed.