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Italian motorists have been waiting for years for comforting news regarding the reimbursement of motor liability insurance in reference to the first period of the Covid pandemic in 2020. In that period, in fact, the isolation did not allow the use of cars at millions of people and consequently an infinitely smaller number of road accidents have been recorded. But what will happen in the future? Here is the news that could make many people happy.

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It was the March of 2020 and the whole world was unfortunately getting to know Covid. In Italy, from March to May of that year, the Government had taken the decision to implement a general forced lockdown. Millions of people, therefore, were locked up at home for about two months. In fact, only strictly necessary movements were allowed.

In that period, therefore, cars were used very little by people. The cities – due to the pandemic – were deserted and the only movements allowed were those in reference to going shopping or medical visits. Furthermore, only a few people continued to work outside their homes during those months.

A smaller concentration of cars has ensured that – in that period of about two months – road accidents were greatly reduced. It is estimated that insurance companies saved over €3 billion that year. For this reason, the assumption of getting a auto insurance reimbursement for that period It’s something that many people crave. And this, especially in a period of price increases like this.

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The Government is studying how to try to compensate the Italians at least in part for the various costs of the unexploited car liability in that period, for major cause. But what could happen in the near future? Here are the details.

Here is the news that could change things in reference to car insurance in the pandemic period

Some insurance companies at the time had allowed policies to be suspended. Others, however, had taken steps to calm the waters, through benefits and discounts for their customers. But in so many other cases, millions of people have still not received any refunds or bonuses from their company. There are many, therefore, who ask that something be done in this sense.

Insurance reimbursement
Car insurance reimbursement during the lockdown: here’s what could happen – Motori.News

The Institute on Insurance Supervision is named IVASS. This institution was the mouthpiece of the situation and general savings of all insurance companies in that period. on average, for each car liability guarantee there was a saving of around 70 euros.

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There is, therefore, ample scope for millions of motorists to be reimbursed in full or at least in part. However, we are not talking about an effective and concrete refund with real money. In fact, a refund will most likely be implemented as extension of motor liability policies for that same company. Another solution could be the one in reference to the waive that deductible.

It is estimated that about one billion of those three billion saved by the various companies have already been used to give bonuses to customers during the months of emergency. Therefore, they remain around 2 billion euros that can be used to help other customers.

The Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Federico Freni, some time ago he spoke of the possibility of opening a debate on this issue. The numbers given, however, were a bit different.

Car Insurance
Car insurance – Motori.News

Those had been his words on the matter: “IVASS reported that the insurance companies have planned benefits for policyholders valued at 811 million, of which 348 million have already been disbursed at the time of the investigation, in the form of renewal discounts, coverage extensions and more. And in the context of further measures, we will analyze the various proposals very carefully in a special technical table”.

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