Telepass, the (legal) trick to NEVER pay the toll

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The Telepass presents itself as the turning point for all motorists and for those who travel often for work reasons or for other reasons, because it allows you to travel on the motorway without wasting too much time.


In fact, at the toll booths there is the possibility of queuing among ordinary users without a subscription or those who having the active subscription they take precedence over all. In order to activate the season ticket, you must contact a Punto Blu, or start the request directly online.

Those who have the season ticket have the possibility to pass before the others without delays of any kind, consequently avoiding arriving late for work or at the airport etc.

All the illegal tricks adopted by motorists who don’t want to pay the telepass

Unfortunately, however, today’s motorists would be ready and willing to do anything in order not to pay. This is why scams such as the Viacard one were born, which is not the only one that comes put into practice by most so as not to pay and pass the same.

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Those who own the Viacard swipe the card without having any credit and pass. Then he receives the charge but by not recharging it, he doesn’t pay, hoping to be able to get away with it. Nothing escapes the law and its watchful eye, so whoever makes a mistake sooner or later is forced to fix it

But that’s not all because here is the second type of scam, which is the favorite of the majority: motorists without Telepass wait for the car in front pays to join and pass for free.

Not only is it an illegal act, but it is also very dangerous, because due to the close distance and the suddenly lowering bar, an accident can be caused and still be trapped.

There are many motorists caught by the police as they passed through the gate before the barrier lowered, which is why the company is trying to block the sly in any way studying tricks to enforce the rules.

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How to challenge the fine and avoid paying it, legally

Although it is correct to pay the amount due, it must be specified that there are remedies, which allow you to do not pay the fine that comes home for not having paid correctly the passage at the toll booth.

It is an escape route provided directly by the Court of Cassation. The driver of the vehicle can only be fined if there is no doubt about his presence, at that moment and in that precise place. Should there be even the slightest doubt, the fine could be invalidated.

So the motorist has to be smart in insinuating doubt and resort to this ploy by contesting the fine and responding immediately to the dispute. In a certain sense, this path is opened directly by the Court of Cassation which indicates one month as the maximum time available.

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