A new type of speed camera is being tested: the fine is certain

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There is never an end to the worst, and in addition to speed detection, in Spain, they are experimenting with a new speed camera. He’s making a massacre of fines.

new speed camera in spain
new type of speed camera in spain is terrorizing citizens

That the safety be crucial when we find ourselves in car or in motorcycle, there is no doubt. Indeed the traffic laws that’s exactly what it’s for. A set of laws studied to make the simple guide And safe. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and even if the code is written clearly, we often find people who give a damn to respect it.

The authority competent, are therefore forced to study of the tricks of control of the traffic. And just in the last few years, thanks too to the evolution of technologyvarious methods have been used to sanction who does not respect the rules.

We were able to watch the installation of the new cameras T-redat intersections where there is a high rate of accidents. How does the red lightthe camera goes into action and whoever passes at that moment will be sanctioned. Furthermore, thanks to the vision ad infrared, the camera can capture images even at night. Leaving no one to escape.

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With this new Autovelox there is no escape

Then he arrived, he is the worst enemy of every owner of vehicle motor. The speed camera. Since its inception, the number of victims caught in the act has been lost. Just slightly exceed the Speed ​​Limit, that he is ready to rip you off. Quite a few have been installed over the years, and often not with little criticism.

Many common if not they take advantage of its use, not reporting his presence to do cashier. Not to mention the mobile speed camerashidden behind the bushes with no one signage that it senses its presence, which it should do By law.

anti-brake radar
Anti-braking radar – Motori.news

Also one of the latest found was the autovelox can detect noise of the cars. Mostly installed in population centresparticularly in the squaresdetects sound that goes beyond the allowable limit, fining the unfortunate.

And as if that weren’t enough, here it is Spain comes a new novelty. If it was possible before at least slow down, in the presence of signage or his vision in the distance, now it will no longer be possible to do so.

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This new Velox detects as well as the excess of speedeven the excess of braking. The speed detection will therefore also be performed in the distance of the vehicle, which it will inevitably be sanctioned. This system was created to discourage sudden braking when we notice the Velox at the last second, situation that creates a great danger.

The system is currently adopted only in the area Spanish. But if it were to work, as it happened for other systems that we adopt today, could also be used in the our streets.