You should smear Vaseline here, the result is crazy

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No, we’re not kidding. Using petroleum jelly can help you in your car on more than one occasion – here’s how you should use it

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The arrival of winter has brought back all the problems of those who are forced to leave the car outside at night. Especially in those areas where the temperature drops near or even below freezingit is not uncommon to find the car completely frozen with an unusable windscreen and sometimes even the doors that are hard to open.

The latter is a problem that can occur especially in the high mountains or in those periods in which, even in the plains, the temperature can even go several degrees below zero. Considering that at the time of writing we are in the middle of winter, you understand well that it is a very widespread situation.

The solutions in these cases are different: there are those who recommend using alcohol and water to help the windscreen get rid of ice as soon as possible and there are those who are even more innovative and, looking at the frozen doors, suggest using none other than the Vaseline. Yes, the famous petroleum gel widely used especially in the cosmetic field as a lip balm, moisturizer or to treat dry hair.

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Because petroleum jelly can also be useful in the car: the incredible ice method

As mentioned, the Vaseline it can become an important ally in that case where we find ourselves with the car door so soaked in ice that it is hard to open it.

Vaseline jar
Vaseline jar –

Sometimes just try several times to succeedbut in the most serious cases it will be simply impossible and you will have to wait patiently for the ice to melt before getting into the car: which in turn will certainly not be welcoming anyway!

There Vaseline here can help you tremendously. All you have to do is very simple: with the door open, spread a little Vaseline on the rubber of the gasket that covers it. What is the function of petroleum jelly? That of making the surface “elastic” and preventing water from settling there during the day and then turning into ice during the night due to the temperatures.

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Thanks to this method cheap, easy and quick to use You will be able to prevent the door freezing problem and you can always reopen it easily even in winter when it’s very, very cold.

Car completely covered in ice
Car totally covered in ice –

A problem that naturally does not occur if you have the option of keeping the car in the garage or if you have the patience to cover the car every evening with a sheet that allows you to avoid the formation of humidity on the bodywork, that the low temperature it will then transform into terrible ice which will make the car into a huge icicle on four wheels.