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The frozen windshield is the typical problem of those who have a winter car: do you know that you can solve it with a simple potato? that’s how

Rub a potato on the windshield – Motori.News

Up early on Monday morning, we wash, prepare a quick breakfast and then run straight to the car when we’re even late. Here is the unexpected, or since we are in winter, what we should expect: the windshield is completely frozen. Nothing can be seen, we have to wait patiently to scrape off the ice or for the hot air conditioning to slowly melt it.

The certainty is that we will waste precious time which will not allow us to arrive on time, increasing the inconvenience caused by having got up early in the morning on a mid-winter day. A problem that does not arise for those who have the possibility of leaving the car in the garage or have the foresight to place a sheet on the windscreen or, to be more artisanal, even a piece of cardboard by lifting the wipers.

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Another widely used method is to create a mixture of water and vinegar or water and alcohol to be sprayed in the morning on the frozen surface: in this way the ice will melt very easily, thus allowing us to start again. What if we wanted to prevent it instead so that the night does not form? All you need is a potatoHere’s how you can use it.

Using a potato to avoid the frozen windshield: the incredible method

Clean the windshield with a potato it certainly sounds strange: but you will soon discover that it can be very useful to you. We will immediately explain how.

Frozen windshield in winter
Frozen windshield in winter –

To have immediate awareness of its effects you should cut the potato in half and rub the cut surface directly on the windshield. This will create a patina on the glass: this is the effect we are looking for because the “juice” of the potato contains sugar which prevents water from sticking to the windshield anymore.

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If the water doesn’t stick on the windshield that means that the night will not turn into annoying ice and the next morning you can leave immediately to go to work, university or to catch your train. If you don’t want to waste a whole potato, you can save the peels you use when cooking since their inside still contains “juice” to spread on the windshield.

So, if you have the problem of having to leave the car outside in the middle of winter and you know that where you live that humidity forms such that, with low temperatures, it turns into annoying ice on the windshield try this innovative method. It’ll save you from a universally annoying situation, and you’ll probably keep potatoes in your car from now on just to be ready for anything.

Potatoes –

Of course remember that the potato should be pureed the night beforein order to create that patina effect that preserves it from humidity and ice throughout the night.

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