Only a few know this trick with the car key – simply brilliant

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Few know this ingenious trick, which hides advantages that probably no one expects; it has to do with the car key, obviously with the more modern ones.

Car key makeup
Car key

To date many cars have the key with the wireless remote control, which makes everything much easier and more practical.

Unfortunately, modern keys have as many advantages as disadvantages, because if you download the battery remains outside the vehicle. Since there is no keyhole to insert the key, you end up unable to open the doors in any way. This is a problem.

Car key that saves lives, here’s what it’s for and how to use it in an alternative way

Probably not many know this, but by pressing the buttons on the remote control, you can raise and lower the windows automatically, without even having to climb into the passenger compartment or get too close. The discovery takes place thanks to a video posted on social media that opens the door to something incredible that no one could ever expect.

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The car keys are not only used to open the car, but also to do something more ready to simplify the life of motorists.

The trick we’re talking about is awesome especially if you are at a distance from the car and you don’t want to go and close the windows left open by mistake, manually.


Here’s what you can do with the electronic car key at your disposal

Using the button to open the windows they can be closed with extreme ease and then the doors can also be locked.

If you want to roll down the windows you have to hold down the open button and nothing more. Two or three seconds of pressure are enough to make the windows open and close without discomfort of any kind.

Anyone who has never noticed this detail will now no longer be able to do without it. Car keys can suddenly become a threat to motorists, for example if they are left inside the vehicle. In this case, in fact, one is forced to break the glass to solve the problem once and for all.

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If the car key battery runs out, you still stay outside, that’s why you should always carry with you, maybe inside the wallet, a new battery, ready to be replaced. There are a thousand solutions to a thousand problems.