Fabio Quartararo what are you up to? The surge ends badly! VIDEO

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Fabio Quartararo continues his preparation for the 2023 season. With another ‘accident’, this time without consequences.

Fabio Quartararo, the unexpected accident – ​​MotoriNews

It will be an important 2023 for Fabio Quartararo. The Yamaha rider has made it clear that he wants to take back the title conquered two years ago and escaped last season. This means open war on the Ducatis, I’m sorry Bagnaia first of all, with the hope of a more competitive M1 for work less in direct comparison. Quartararo however had a little one hitch over the winter, an injury slowed down his training schedule. He is now outdated and has resumed training with renewed energybut he risked big!

Ouch Quartararo, what a flight!

The Yamaha champion, forced to stay stopped for over a month due to a hand injury, he returned to the bike. He announced it with great satisfaction the same French pilot. Now its usual routine is complete, Quartararo proceeds step by step towards the new MotoGP season. There are about two weeks left for the first courses test officers of 2023, stage a Sepang on February 10-12, and ‘El Diablo’ wants to get there ready. And possibly completely, avoiding falls, as Quartararo himself had declared. Shortly after, however, there was no lack of a nice risk during a cycling workout, part of his preparation. The French driver wanted to launch himself into a wheelie, asoaringbut something went wrong… Without consequences, indeed issue #20 even made fun of itself. “I knew that that bike it wasn’t made for me” wrote Quartararo as the caption of the video of his ‘failed stunt‘ posted on his social channels, receiving many comments have fun from colleagues.

Is it the year of revenge?

That is clearly what he wishes Fabio Quartararo. The finger injured in the last Grands Prix of the 2022 World Championship is now fixed, yes left behind also the problem in the hand, avoided others messes with the incident just mentioned. Physically so it is Everything is fine, then there is really no lack of determination. Sure can not expect miraclesbut the greatest hope, repeatedly emphasized, is to have a Yamaha M1 more competitive compared to that of the 2022 season. But Quartararo is nonetheless ready for everything to be once again one of the great protagonists in MotoGP. He will be able to repeat that 2021 stellar for him? Attention clearly to Bagnaia, to the others Ducatiwith the unknowns Aprilia And KTMwithout forgetting a Marc Marquez in search of redemption after two years of suffering…

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