Unglued roof of the car, 10€ is enough to solve the problem: crazy

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Do you have a low roof on your car? Never throw money at the upholsterer: only 10 euros are enough to solve the problem. It’s crazy.

Roof unglued remedy
Unglued roof remedy – Motori.News

Never waste money unnecessarily, there are very advantageous solutions to use. There are many causes that can lead to the detachment of the roof of your car: this could make it impossible to use it. The car is subject to bad weather: humidity and rainwater can cause the roof of your car to detach. Very often we go to the upholsterer to try to remedy the damage. It is a widely used method and the cost of this service is very high. The costs related to the service performed by the upholsterer are quite high, which is why motorists look for less expensive and do-it-yourself methods. The solution can be purchased on Amazon.

Auto roof unglued: the upholsterer service is too expensive

The roof of the car can come off when entering lots of humidity or water. Very often motorists go to the upholsterer, but it is a very expensive service. The cost of labor impacts on the cost of the service offered to the motorist. The cost of the service is quite expensive and motorists are looking for it do it yourself methods and convenient solutions.

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Low-cut roof: here is one of the least expensive remedies

One of the best solutions to repair the roof that is detached is to resort to the use of specific pins to hold the fiber. They must be inserted by pressure on the fabric in such a way as to keep the car roof in place. The price of this solution is inexpensive and is around twenty euros.

Alternatively, it is possible to disassemble the whole internal part of the roof of the car: just remove all the lining and the foam with a sponge, removing all the residues with an air compressor. Then proceed to glue everything, distributing the glue over the entire surface. It is important to pay the utmost attention to the phase of applying the glue on the roof lining. It must be avoided that the glue itself goes too deep.

Roof unglued: here is the repair kit

On the famous Amazon E-Commerce you can buy a car roof repair kit, which will help you save money on car repairs at home. The repair kit consists of 60 pieces of car roof buckle and 60 tacks, 1 screwdriver and 1 tape measure. If the edges of the roof sheet fall off, you will need to apply glue to the edge and use roof liner repair rivets to secure it. The material is of high quality and is easy to store and carry.

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