Never think of throwing away the tin boxes, in the evening put your car keys inside: incredible

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In all the houses of the world, tin boxes are never lacking. Once you use what you keep inside them, they are thrown in the trash because you really have no idea what other uses they could have.

Keys in the tin box
Keys in the tin

In reality we have to change our mind because tin boxes, as well as many other objects that we consider useless at home, they can come in handy in many situations some of these paradoxical and absurd.

For example, car keys can be stored in tin boxes, because in this way they are safe and protected from intruders.

Thieves update, that’s what you risk today

Thieves have updated over time and have adopted incredible tricks that always work and that allow you to steal cars without too much difficulty or risk.

It will have happened at least once in a lifetime for example to find a padlock on the door handle, with a telephone number. The attacker goes in search of the ransom, because only in exchange for the car key, he releases the handle. Absurd, but that’s exactly how it works.

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There are those who do not call and try to free the handle by themselves, but you must know that the padlock cannot be removed easily, so it is better to avoid doing so because everything that can be remedied it’s just a scratch in the paint.


Here’s how to remedy the clever tricks of the bad guys to avoid falling into their traps

But beware, because if at one time this was the only trick thanks to which to get hold of the car key, the bad guys have now managed to find the perfect way to duplicate the keys without ever coming into contact with the vehicle, much less with the keys.

When you’re at home you think you’re safe, but that’s not the case. The keys left anywhere in the home are always at risk because they are easily accessible through the use of some particular software.

For this it should have a habit of keeping your keys safe inside a tin box, because aluminum does not allow external signals to enter, recognize the key and duplicate it remotely.

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In this case both the car and the keys are really safe. Then to eliminate the root problem, it is advisable to turn off the remote control when you are not using it because technology has made incredible leaps forward that none of us can ever imagine.

The security systems and software we use turn out to be very vulnerable because they can be bypassed easily and quickly by anyone who wants to evade them.