Why would you put your car keys in the fridge? Nobody ever told you

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An innovative and unusual method? Putting your car keys in the fridge: we explain why you should do it.

Car keys in the fridge
Car keys in the fridge -Motori.news

Modern cars are more and more technological. And we’re not just talking about the standard equipment and the various optionals that you can choose from, but also about them keyswhich aim to provide us with previously unexpected services and which for this reason embrace the latest generation inventions.

We speak of course about keys that do not need to be inserted in the usual housing: just have them always with you to open the car and start it as if nothing had happened. An indisputable convenience that naturally exposes you to some risks that should not be underestimated.

Because as technology advances in the automotive industry, even malicious hackers are starting to look with interest at a category they might once have ignored. There are not a few videos on the net in which they can be seen thieves who manage to break into car security systems thanks to these sophisticated keys and easily get away with it.

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So let’s take a look at some tricks and suggestions to prevent your technological key from easily falling prey to the bad guys. The refrigerator can help.

Why put your car keys in the fridge

The ckey “keyless” contains a chip that communicates directly with the car. This sends an algorithm to the car’s security system which, by reading it, will authorize the opening of the doors and the consequent start of the engine.

Car keys
Car keys – Motori.news

Typically, this signal is transmitted only if you are very close to the car and for this reason it should theoretically be theft-proof. However, the most sophisticated and patient thieves have found a way to get around this obstacle and therefore use signal repeaters that allow them to steal cars even hundreds of meters away.

Let’s talk about particular cases: it would perhaps mean that someone has actually aimed at your machine and therefore has used a particular strategy to blow it even at home. To take the best precautions, therefore, the most important thing to do is protect the signal which is not as simple as it seems.

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One of the unconventional methods that allow us to do this is to keep the keys in the fridge or freezer. Why does it work? When you put them in the fridge, the metal box prevents thieves from accessing the key ring signal. Just make sure the key can handle temperatures that are a little cooler than usual.

Keyless key system
Keyless key system – Motori.news

The same goes for the microwave, but remember not to turn it on while there are keys inside. Otherwise, you can try to buy a RFID blocking on Amazon: it will become useful not only for car keys, but also for credit cards equipped with NFC chips, now widespread practically everywhere.

In short, you will decide how to protect your keys if you fear that someone is trying to steal your car using this ingenious system.

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