Fines and speed cameras, this is the only way to never pay 1 euro: crazy

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Receiving fines for speed cameras has happened to everyone, but now there is a way not to pay the accumulated ones

Fines and speed cameras
Fines and speed

One of the most frequent causes of invalidity for fines resulting from checking with a Speed ​​Cameras concerns failure to meet deadlines for notification. The fine, as we know, must be delivered within 90 days of the notification of the infraction: the 90 days start from the moment in which the municipal police have delivered the envelope containing the fine notification to the post office.

In that case it is possible to do appeal to the justice of the peace and, in all likelihood, to win it. However, are there excellent possibilities of doing so even if the fine arrives on schedule? We have good news for you because there is a loophole that anyone can exploit to avoid paying the fine.

How to win the appeal for speed camera fines even if they arrive on time

A series of appeals filed by ADUC at the justice of the peace of Florence in fact, they have made it possible to discover that in the event that several fines are received for the same infraction, even if they all arrive within the set times, there is the possibility for taxpayers to appeal to have them essentially all cancelled.

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Fixed speed camera
Fixed speed camera –

This is the explanation provided by the Florentine court following a ruling on the matter:

The infringements were not immediately contested and the applicant therefore only realized that he had committed an infringement after having received notification of all the infringements committed in the months from January to May 2022.

Therefore, even if the notifications were timely pursuant to art. 201 of the Highway Code, it is believed that this way the educational function of the sanction has not been exercisedrather than the punitive one.

It follows that the contested reports must be annulled with the exception of the first in order of time, with the appellant being ordered to pay the costs of notification of all the assessment reports. There are good reasons to compensate for court fees“.


Translating from bureaucratese, in essence, it turns out that receiving multiple fines for the same infraction, for example consecutively against people who perhaps passed the same spot every day for work reasons, it undermines the educational function of the speed camera which becomes an exclusively punitive method against the driver.

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It therefore goes without saying that if you have ever received a fine for a speed camera or for unauthorized access to a restricted traffic area and then have other consecutive fines for the same fraction you have the option to appeal explaining that not having been promptly informed of the control carried out on those roads, you had no way of preventing infringements in subsequent times.