Car keys in foil, the motif will amaze you – very useful

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Each car to be opened or closed will need the appropriate key. It will also serve to start or stop the engine. A fundamental element of our car, therefore. Over time, the way these devices are used has changed, but the functions of the keys have remained unchanged. But do you know that if you insert your car keys inside the tinfoil you will solve a not insignificant problem? Here are all the details about a particular situation.

Car keys
Car keys in aluminum foil – Motori.News

The car keys they are devices necessary to be able to enter the passenger compartment and to put it into operation. Today’s keys are completely different from those of the past. Indeed, almost all the latest generation cars are equipped with the function Keyless Go and have chips and sensors, able to open and close the car even remotely.

In past decades, however, the user was forced to insert the key inside the lock to open or close the car. As for starting the engine, the same key had to be inserted inside the engine block, located near the steering wheel.

Especially for recent cars, however, things have changed. Today, as mentioned, the opening and closing of the car can be done remotely by pressing the appropriate button on the key. But they are also practical for another reason. Indeed, it will be possible to keep the device in a pocket or purse and simply press a button on the door.

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Furthermore, to start or stop the engine, it will be enough to have the key inside the passenger compartment, with no more insertion needed inside the engine block. Aspects that have revolutionized the way of “living” the car.

A truly remarkable practicality, which has made it possible to facilitate the user in the situations described above. But is it all rosy? Let’s find out why it could be very important to place the car keys inside the foil. Here are all the details about it.

Car keys in aluminum foil: here is the do-it-yourself solution to keep problems away

Wrapping your car keys in foil can actually save your life in some situations. What we are about to say might seem absurd, but this little trick in some cases will prove to be very useful. Let’s find out how this move will safeguard you and your car in a specific circumstance. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Aluminum keys
Keys wrapped in aluminum foil: this is why this move could save your car

The world, unfortunately, is full of ill-intentioned and criminals, always ready to exploit any situation to carry out their illegal plans. And, as we often read, car theft is increasingly “in vogue” among these gangs of criminals. How can plain aluminum foil defend you from thieves? Here are the details.

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As mentioned, the latest generation keys allow you to manage the opening of the machine simply by keeping the device in your pocket. Up to one and a half meters away, pressing the button on the door will open the car. QHowever, this way of using the new keys could be exploited by thieves.

As? Several professional thieves have developed some signal extenders, able to increase the wireless of the keys up to several meters with Keyless Go. A motorist, therefore, could lock his car and think he is safe.

Some extenders are able to amplify the reception of the wireless signal up to more than ten meters. If you parked your car near your home or office, you could be in danger. In fact, thieves will be able to pick up the signal from the key in your home and steal your car from you in a very simple way.

How to defend yourself? To your aid here comes the foil. This element, or any other metal object, can block the extension of the signal, limiting the risk that thieves will be able to sneak into your vehicle.

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Another way to defend yourself against these possible attacks is to buy a special metal key ring. Simple and practical solutions, which can really save you from this unpleasant situation.

Aluminum car keys
Car key wrapped in aluminum – Motori.News