License at 0 cost if you do it as a privatist: everyone is taking advantage of it

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Getting a private driver’s license can cost you nothing compared to driving schools. We explain how to proceed and why it is used by everyone

license at no cost
license at no cost –

There driving license, as we obviously know, is essential to obtain a license to drive a car or other types of transport. We also know that the cost of attainment is usually very highespecially when you rely on a driving school and you have to bear the costs of the course and test drives.

A cost that for some becomes prohibitive even if they would need a license for work or personal needs. To remedy this problem you can choose the method that everyone is now using: get a private driver’s license. In this case, in fact, it can really cost you nothing. We explain how it works.

How to get a license at “zero” cost by doing everything as a privatist

To get the Driving license Bthe one most sought after by young people who, having turned 18, wish to have a little independence also in terms of transport, it is necessary pass two exams: a theoretical one based on knowledge of the Highway Code and a practical one that is self-explanatory. As mentioned, taking the course at driving schools is certainly useful, but it can cost a lot.

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Italian driving licence
Italian driving license –

Fortunately, in this case the law comes to meet us by allowing us to follow a alternative route which consists in the attempt to obtain the driving license simply as a privatist. This means you are free to study independentlyperhaps buying a text with pre-compiled quizzes, take the theory exam at the Civil Motorization and then practice driving with someone who has had a license for at least 10 years.

The great advantage of this choice lies in the significantly reduced costs compared to a course taken in a driving school. The only foreseen costs they are in fact around 240 euros for 6 guides to be carried out with a certified instructor, 26.40 euros for registration for the exam, 30 euros for the medical certificate and finally 16 euros for the practical exam.

The savings compared to the costs expected from a driving school is around 60%. Unfortunately, nothing is free and it is still necessary to incur bureaucratic expenses which cannot be avoided: however, it is clear that paying for the course provided by a driving school would mean spending much more, in addition to the time necessary to attend it, perhaps after work.

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Driving school
Driving school –

If you don’t have time and also want to save some money the best solution then is to do everything yourself: study at home, in the office or on the transport while you travel and then take the exam in total peace of mind. Then, have your guides with a certified instructor and you will see that you will soon be ready to receive your license.