with this trick they take everything away from you

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The car mirror, often the victim and also the instrument of sensational scams, is one of the parts of the car that attracts any thief in the world, simply because from this device it is possible to pocket a lot of money without doing anything.

scam danger
scam danger – Motori.News

mirror scam it’s a gimmick that goes back many years, it has been fine-tuned over time, but it hasn’t changed that much.

With a trivial trick and a scam designed at the table, with two cars and a mirror or a mirror and a watch you can make money instantly.

Beware of these scams developed over the years

Over the years there have been many scams studied and put into practice, unfortunately these have always given excellent results. The last makes the chosen victim believe, that as a result of a maneuver done incorrectly, whoever was driving broke the mirror of the parked car.

The scammer then asks for compensation, which the victim cannot fail to provide after ascertaining the damages, obviously not before apologizing and feeling guilty about something that was never actually done.

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To make everything as credible as possible, scammers hit something against their car to cause the noise and that’s it. But be careful because this is not The only much used mirror scamthere is another one to which attention must be paid.


Another scam involving the mirror and which causes important cash outlays

The second much practiced sees the passer-by accusing the motorist (ie the victim) of having hit his (valuable) watch with the car mirror and having broken it, consequently requesting the money to carry out the repair. The money is obviously much more than what would be needed if the damage were true.

The method to defend yourself from the scam of the mirror, both in one case and in the other, is there. The first thing to do is to remain calm, then ascertain the damage, verify and then say you want to sign the friendly accident report.

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At this point, it will be the scammer who declines the invitation and runs away, above all if the police, or in any case the forces of order, are passing by because article 640 punishes all those who with deceptions they try to profit from deceptions of various kinds.

Being careful is the most important thing because you risk shelling out incredibly high sums just for letting your guard down for a few moments.