Driving licence, now you can take it without taking the exam: what the law says

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To streamline the entire bureaucratic aspect and to meet the needs and demands of millions of Italians, a new reform has been launched regarding the driving license system. In fact, in some cases it will no longer be necessary to take any practical driving test to obtain this necessary document for road circulation. The news pleases many. Let’s go, however, to find out who will be able to benefit from this new rule and for which motorized vehicles it was designed. Here are all the details about it.

License without exams
Driving license without exams – Motori.News

A driving license is the document required to allow certain people to drive specific motorized vehicles. In addition to the note driving license B, which allows you to drive cars from the age of 18 onwards, there are several other types of licence. That TO, for example, lets drive the motorcycle. It differs in other subcategories, based on the power and engine capacity of the vehicle.

Driving licenses C, D and E, instead, they allow the use of more “special” means. With the C it will be possible to drive trailers and light trucks (up to 750 kg). With the D license, however, trolleybuses and buses. Finally, with the E license it will be possible to drive trailers and trucks weighing more than 750 kg.

In this article we will take as our subject the driving license denominated with the letter A. As anticipated, it allows you to be able to circulate on a public road with motorbikes. But within this macro category, there are differences based on the engine capacity of the vehicle in question.

Motorcycle licenses, in fact, differ in licence AM, A1, A2 and, finally, in real licence TO. The latter is also often referred to as A3 and it is the last step, since allows you to use any motorcycle on the road.

But did you know that in some cases you will be able to obtain the A license without having to take any practical exam on the road? It will seem strange to you, but it is true. Let’s highlight all the details on this novelty that will please many people, both on a practical and economic level.

The reform of the driving license A: here’s when you can not take driving tests

To streamline the entire bureaucratic process and to meet the practical needs of people, it was decided to introduce some important innovations regarding the achievement of the A driving licence, that is to say the one that allows you to drive motorcycles on the road. But what does this change consist of? Let’s find out all the details and the considerable advantages for many motorcyclists in our country.

driving license
Driving license – Motori.News

There AM it is the first step of a motorcycle license that can be obtained from 14 years of age onwards. It allows you to drive motorcycles up to 50 cc in displacement. There A1, instead, it allows from 16 years of age to bring motorcycles up to 125 cc and with a maximum power of 11 kW.

Driver’s license A2, then, can only be achieved from 18 years onwards. It allows you to use motorcycles of any engine capacity on the road. Beware, however, of the power. It won’t have to never exceed 35 kW.

Driving license A change
Driving license A: here is the important change – Motori.News

Finally, there is the last step, i.e. the actual one license A, also referred to as A3. with that document it will be possible to drive any motorcycle on the road. There is, however, one aspect to consider and it concerns age. Only those who have reached the age of 24 will be able to obtain this license. Alternatively, it will be essential to have the A2 license available for at least 2 years after turning 20.

But let us now come to the object of our analysis. As mentioned, things have changed recently. Indeed, from August 2022, those who have already obtained a valid A1 license will be able to take possession of the A2 without taking a real practical driving test. The same thing applies to the achievement of the A license in case of possession of the A2.

As obvious as it is, the rules set out above apply, regarding the power, engine capacity and age of the various licenses. What to do, therefore, to obtain the next step of driving license A?

As mentioned, you will not have to take any practical exams. All you need to do is go to your trusted driving school and follow a targeted 7-hour course. Therefore, it was decided to speed up the bureaucratic process with reference to major motorcycle driving licenses.