Booklet, pay attention to the data indicated in red: you are screwed

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Pay attention to the vehicle registration certificate: on this document there is a figure circled in red which indicates something important, which should always be checked if you want to avoid certain problems, especially when traveling.

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Just take a ride on the streets in the summer to realize how many people take long car journeys for fun, recreation, relaxation or work. These people create long queues and crowds everywhere, often even accidents due to incorrect behavior, outlawed.

In general, vacationers are not very interested in the highway code, so they pack their bags and leave for some fun without wondering in the least, if the luggage placed everywhere, inside and outside the car they can remain like this or if the law has something to say about it.

How it’s better to arrange your luggage so as not to be fined

So it happens that you see suitcases, luggage of all kinds and more, protruding from the car, from the roof rack (disturbing aerodynamics as well as consuming more fuel and polluting the environment) or from the open trunk.

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There are many people who choose to travel herethis way, without knowing that they risk a lot. Before making these mistakes, it is best to consult the vehicle registration document, which shows the approved weight that the vehicle can carry.

The weight is indicated in terms of kg, circled in red. Article 164 of the Highway Code he explains that inside private vehicles you can load suitcases and anything else, even in large numbers, provided that they are well arranged to avoid dispersion or limit the movement and visibility of the driver.

Fines for violators, that’s what we’re talking about

What turns out to be particularly important is that none of the luggage goes to cover the vehicle’s number plate or lighting devices to avoid accidents. Then it is forbidden to drag anything that can crawl on the ground or that exceeds the length of the vehicle.

You can carry objects that protrude only if laterally to the vehicle, which do not exceed 30 cm on each side. Otherwise, the police can fine the offenders.

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The fine in this case ranges from 87 to 344 euros, with the subtraction of three points from the license which can increase based on the infringement committed. An irregular assignment can cause not only the contravention, but also the withdrawal of the registration certificate. TO establishing it is article 164 paragraph 9.