Highway, if you do this you pay €0 at the toll booth: everyone always tries

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The motorway saves the lives of millions of motorists who are forced to travel long distances every day, for work or study reasons.

Highway, pay 0 at the toll booth
Highway, pay 0 at the toll booth – Motori.News

Take the highway means arrive at your destination earlieravoiding long queues and traffic always present at any time of day or night in any Italian city.

Unfortunately often on the highway there are toll booths that require frequent disbursements of money, which at the end of the month or of the year involve very high figures that not everyone can afford to support.

There are those who activate the Telepass subscription to eliminate queues at the tollbooth, to pay quickly and take advantage of discounts. Just as there are people who they try not to pay and pass by evading the cameras.

The sneaky highwaymen, that’s what you risk by not respecting these rules

Unfortunately, however, often these crafty they get caught and in the end are forced to pay dearly for a rather trivial, avoidable mistake.

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The highway code was created to try to keep traffic under control reduce the risk of accidents which endanger the life and safety of all. For this reason the cds must be respected in every part and small facet.

Measures have been taken over time which vary according to the seriousness of the infringement committed by users, ranging from the fine to the withdrawal of the license or the seizure of the vehicle in the most serious cases.


Toll on the motorway, the tricks that don’t work, from which it is good to keep away

As for the toll on the highway, many try not to pay for it engaging in illegal, absolutely forbidden and risky behaviour, for example passing through the Telepass gate without being provided with a season ticket. The risk is high because the toll gate could, for example, close suddenly and jam the vehicle.

Then there are some motorists who they use the trick of the fake Viacard, or they use a malfunctioning expired card that is inserted to try to raise the bar without paying a single cent. The payment receipt is still provided, then when the checks are carried out, the payment notice and the fine are sent.

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In this case it is difficult to get away with it because there are cameras. Once trapped, you still have to pay for the passage within 15 days, otherwise you have to pay the fine which goes up to 338 euros with the deduction of two points from the license which takes place immediately.

If the agents ascertain other irregularities they can apply the relative additional sanctions, such as the reduction of points on the driving license or the suspension of the document itself in the most serious cases.