Steel wool, rub it on this surface – the car is like new again

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Steel wool is a product that not many know about but which apparently could even come in handy in the car for a specific reason that perhaps someone could never expect.

Steel wool in the car
Steel wool in the car –

In reality, many different types of products and objects come in handy in the car, which no one would ever expect, for example socks, bicarbonate, lemon, aluminum foil, starch, coffee, some soda or even mayonnaise and dish soap.

Each of these objects and products is used at home for example for cleaning as well as for cooking, but in the car it could give twice as much, che benefits and perks that leave everyone speechless.

Steel wool, that’s why it also comes in handy in the car

For example, steel wool is perfect for cleaning tires and rims, even alloy ones. The only thing to pay attention to is how to use the wool, because being aggressive it is absolutely not suitable rubbed but passed gently on the surfaces.

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Cleaning the rims as well as the tires is essential to keep them new and give greater value to the vehicle. A neglected car is ugly to look at, by the way it doesn’t give a nice impression of the owner and whoever travels inside.


Here’s how to use steel wool so you don’t damage your tyres

Steel wool, if used in the wrong way, can scratch surfaces, whatever they are, then repairing the damage becomes difficult if not impossible. So if you want to use it to wash the rims and tyres, it can be done but following specific advice.

First of all, it is recommended to wet the tires with plenty of warm water and then spray them on an effective but not aggressive cleaner and leave it on for at least a few minutes, to ensure that the dirt dissolves initially by itself and then with the help of the steel wool.

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Once finished, the tires will be practically like new. If you don’t have the right detergent, you can also use both liquid and powder dishwashing or laundry detergent.

It is recommended to dissolve the product, whatever it is, in a large bucket of water without exaggerating because otherwise you will end up having difficulty rinsing. In the case of tires with alloy rims, after cleaning it is best to dry them with a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratching or dulling them.