Have you ever noticed the button in the trunk? Few know him

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The trunk is a fundamental space for all cars. We use it several times a day every day to carry everything from groceries to household appliances and everything that can come in handy at home and away from home or luggage to go on vacation.

luggage button
luggage compartment button – Motori.News

Yet we don’t really know it as we think, because there are some little things that many motorists, even those who use their car several times a day to get around for work and for any other need, they never noticed.

Then there are also those who have always seen them but have never asked themselves the question: what is it for? In the past in some cars there was a particular function, who managed to solve many small problems, which, even if of little importance, made the difference. These functions have practically disappeared over time.

Fiat Punto from 1998, one of the few to have maintained this function

We are referring, for example, to the 1998 Fiat Punto, next to the driver’s side seat, there was a lever that allowed you to open the trunk while remaining comfortably inside the vehicle. Very comfortable in case of rain, and not only.

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Unfortunately, this function has now disappeared even if we don’t know why, so wherever you are you are always forced to get out of the car and open the trunk with the key. In this case the luckiest are those who they have an old car, still equipped with that famous lever.

Some models rather than having the lever had a button on the dashboard that unlocked the trunk in a few seconds, just as on other cars there were two separate buttons, one that opened the rear window and the other opening the tailgate. In any case it was a useful and practical gimmick.


Really useful function or not? This is what happens in America

The latest Fiesta models have a lever to the left of the steering wheel that opens the trunk, but they really are among the few to have retained the function. In the United States, the system adopted is ingenious, so all cars must have a system that opens the trunk from inside the car.

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This function is also perfectly useful when the remote control battery runs out and there is no way to open the boot, which has inevitably remained locked. In short, all cars have an alternative solution to opening the trunk from the inside, except absurdly the last ones.

According to someone it is a useless function, according to someone else an indispensable function, this argument also divides public opinion like many others.