2024 Ford Ranchero – Can we see another legendary edition?

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Ford entered the new world of compact trucks with the Dissident. But, other companies could join the market with some old nameplates. For example, Chevrolet could use the El Camino to get more attention from the start. That makes us think of the 2024 Ford Ranchero. Experts confirm that an idea exists, but our sources don’t know much about it. Maybe because there is a catch: the pickup will only be available in South America.

Coupe SUVs are pickup trucks based on cars. These models were quite popular in the 1960s and 1970s. No new models have been released for a long time. It will not change with the 2024 Ford Ranchero. The truck will need a new form. There is a problem as the company covers all segments of the US trucking market. The F-Series are best sellers, the Ranger is back in the midsize class, and the Maverick is a new small truck. Lightning is an electric vehicle. So what does the Rancher have left? Other markets, apparently.

New 2024 Ford Rancher

Brief History of the Rancher

Ranchero and El Camino marked part of automotive history. But the history of car-based utility vehicles is a bit older. These two vehicles made a breakthrough and reached their peak of popularity. It all started in 1957. But, the first Ranchero was a pickup truck. Soon, the designers fixed that, and Ford began producing a pickup truck.

The Ranchero was available with a V6 engine. Its styling did not hold up to towing capacity. This vehicle was a better hauler than an F-series truck. Fans called it “More Than a Car, More Than a Truck” with a reason. The vehicle evolved and the second generation was smaller, the third added a high performance version. The fourth generation model almost spoiled everything. It was basically a Ford Torino with the box. The decline of this vehicle class began in the sixth and seventh generations, so the company finally discontinued the Ranchero in 1979. 45 years later, it’s back.

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Return of the 2024 Ford Ranchero

New 2024 Ford Rancher

Rumors about the new model are quite old. But there has never been more speculation than for the 2024 Ford Ranchero. Multiple sources are releasing information about the iconic truck. The company is yet to announce it, leaving room for gossip to accumulate.

We wonder what the new Ranchero 2024 will be. The compact truck slot is perfect, but Maverick took it. Ford brought the Ranger back to the US, though he wasn’t as successful as the bosses had hoped. The Ranchero could be a replacement. Let’s not talk about higher classes where the F Series dominates sales.

So what’s left? The completely new segment. The future is electric and even trucks will use these types of transmissions. Ford introduces itself to this world with the F-150 Lightning. Therefore, there is room for smaller trucks with electric motors. This is a shot in the dark.

South America Information

Ford is a company with a global presence and different models for specific markets. For example, you can find raptor ranger outside the US, and crossovers and SUVs such as KugaEverest… The company adapts to the needs of each market.

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Pickup trucks are becoming more popular in South America. Companies are already delivering special models for this part of the world, although in most cases they are based on American trucks. Fans believe that the 2024 Ford Ranchero will be a modified version of the Maverick pickup. Chevrolet is going to make the S10 and the Ram 800 is already available in some countries.

2024 Ford Ranchero cobra jet

2024 Ford Ranchero: From Car to Crossover Truck

The first appearance of the vehicle was in the form of a pickup. It became popular when the company converted it into a box utility car. Now, the 2024 Ford Ranchero will not be based on a car, but rather a crossover-based model. Escape is offering most of the solutions for the future vehicle. Outside of the US, this vehicle is known as the Ford Kuga. The Ranchero doesn’t have a ladder frame anyway, something American truckers love to have.

After the advent of small utility trucks, more and more companies will abandon the BoF concept and start building monocoque trucks. Until a couple of years ago, the Honda Ridgeline was the only model of its kind. That’s why not many experts believed in the Maverick.

Ford needs to bring back the things that made the Ranchero so popular. First of all, that’s the versatility. More than a truck, more than a crossover will hardly hold up now. But, the new truck needs to bridge the gap between these two worlds. A few classic design details should bring back memories. And of course there is the performance. Over the years the vehicle had so many transmission options. But, most important was the car-like driving experience. Being based on the Escape crossover is the best option to meet this goal.

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We’ll see how the classic car market will react to the appearance of the new 2024 Ford Ranchero. Some vintage models are collector’s items, such as the 1969 GT 428 Cobra Jet model.