The Chinese brand BYD studies building its next electric car factory in Galicia

The Chinese brand BYD studies building its next electric car factory in Galicia

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The Chinese giant BYD is in full expansion stage. The company, which in recent times has emerged as the largest manufacturer of plug-in cars (BEV+PHEV) in the world, as well as the second in batteries, begins to deploy its range of electric cars in Europe.

BYD already has a plant for the production of electric buses on European soil (specifically in Hungary); however, at the moment it imports all its electric cars from China. This could change in the short term, as The company evaluates different locations to build its next factory.

Among the candidate regions are two Spanish autonomous communities, Asturias and Galicia. The latter probably has a better chance of taking over the factory, since BYD is interested in the Vigo area, where there is a strong auxiliary industry thanks to the presence of the Stellantis plant, where models such as the Peugeot e-2008 are assembled.

A Chinese delegation has met with the authorities of the Xunta in the framework of its European tour, which also includes other countries such as Germany, France, Poland and Hungary. BYD requests the award of a piece of land of at least one million square meters, the land suitable for this being those of the industrial project PLISAN (Salvaterra-As Neves Industrial Logistics Platform).

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BYD will also build a gigabyte factory

From BYD wants its new facilities to be operational between 2025 and 2026, the final decision on the chosen location will probably be made in the coming months. According to what was announced by the brand, its new plant will have a maximum capacity of 800,000 units per year.

It is interesting to note that BYD it also plans to build a giga-factory of batteries in the old continent, which will be in charge of supplying cells both to its own vehicle plant and to partners such as Tesla. Spain is also in the pools to win the prize, since BYD has started the first contacts and meetings with the authorities to study this project.

Spain will have to compete in this case against Germany and Hungary. It is very likely that the country that obtains one of the two centers will also obtain the other, since it would greatly facilitate the connection between the two. Everything indicates that the help of the PERTE VEC They will play a key role in the negotiations.

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