Tesla lowers the rates of Superchargers in Spain by 25%

Tesla lowers the rates of Superchargers in Spain by 25%

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A few hours ago, Tesla has updated the rates of its Supercharger network in Europe, and that includes significant drops such as the 25% that we have seen in Spain.

As a result, Tesla’s fast charging network rates are kept at a cost of 39 cents per kWh between midnight and six in the afternoon, and between nine and twelve at night, the cheapest, while peak hours, between six in the afternoon and nine, drop to 43 cents per kWh.

This is for Tesla customers, or for those who do not have a model from the American manufacturer but have a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros.

For all other non-Tesla cars, the fee is reduced to 53 cents during economic hours, and 58 cents during peak hours. Something that places the American network among the most competitive in the ultra-fast charging sector.

Also noteworthy is the slight drop in other networks, such as Endesa, and also the drop in IONITY, which from the initial 0.79 euros per kWh has dropped to a more manageable 0.65 euros.

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draw attention the strong rise in prices of the network of the Portuguese EDP, which has become the second most expensive, and despite having points of up to 50 kW, its cost has skyrocketed to 60 cents per kWh. No less striking is the price of slow charging, which at 7 kW points charges no less than 47 cents per kWh.

It will be necessary to see if the rest of the operators respond to this drop in Tesla, which is attending a time when energy costs have dropped significantly, something that has hardly been noticed in the rates of the large operators, which have remained at the figures marked after the increases last year.

This is how the updated rates would be, where we can see how Tesla climbs in the list from the third to the last position in January, to the third with the recent reduction.

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