Zeekr begins deliveries of its electric car with 1,000 km of autonomy, with a price of 53,000 euros

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Zeekr begins deliveries of its electric car with 1,000 km of autonomy, with a price of 53,000 euros

Zeekr, the premium brand of the Chinese Geely group, has confirmed the start of deliveries of the Kirin battery version of CATL. A battery that stands out for its high energy density that allows you to install a pack of enormous capacity and trigger the approved autonomy.

According to Zeekr, the first model to mount this pack of 140 kWh has achieved autonomy 1,032 kilometers under the Chinese CLTC cycle.

As we remember, this structural battery has technology cell phone to pack (CTP) 3.0 from CATL, and its production began already during the month of June 2022. A system that achieves a packing density greater than 72% and an energy density of 255 Wh/kg.

The first model to mount the 140 kWh pack is the Zeekr 001. A crossover that will arrive in Europe this year with an eye on the German premium segment.

This can be equipped with both the battery 100 kWh standard, 741 km of autonomy CLTC, or by the new pack of 140 kWhwhich gives it the 1,032 km of approved autonomy.

In addition, we are not talking about future models or prototypes, and these are already for sale and even starting deliveries in China, and they do so with competitive prices that start in the 300,000 yuan (39,568 euros) for the 100 kWh version, while the 140 kWh version achieves 403,000 yuan, or 53,153 euros to change.

Rates that we can compare with the 313,900 yuan (41,396 euros) in which the Tesla Model Y Long Range DM starts in Chinawith 545 km of autonomy CLTC, or the 363,900 yuan (47,990 euros) of the Performance version.

Something that indicates that Zeekr’s proposal is competitive from the point of view of design, qualities, equipment, autonomy, but also very aggressive in terms of prices.

A brand that, as we remember, is finalizing its arrival in Europe, where it will land this year in its first markets, the Nordic countries, while the rest of the expansion will begin in 2024, including its arrival in the south of the continent.

Arrival that will have the 001 as the protagonist, but also the Zeekr X. A most interesting compact SUV that will be one step below its brother in terms of size and price.