The new electric MINI Cooper hides an interesting secret inside

The new electric MINI Cooper hides an interesting secret inside

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Few presentations have taken more time than that of the new MINI Cooper electric. between fugues, puzzle Official and information published with a dropper, the latest generation of the iconic English utility is becoming known by chapters. And everything seems to indicate that this story is far from over.

Although they have already been revealed its exterior design like some of its technical specifications, MINI does not intend to let the powertrain hype and it continues to keep several news that it will be revealing in the coming weeks. One of them is the appearance of the cabin, which will undergo a deep update compared to the previous model.

However, the typical spy photos of this industry have played a trick on the British firm, since the interior has been completely exposed before its time, showing a configuration that, although maintains the typical retro touch of the MINIpresents several new advances.

The most interesting of these is the appearance of a completely round touch screen with OLED technology as the nerve center of the car. This screen, which will bring together the main controls of the vehicle, will also be used in the future. asman and Compatriot. The instrumentation for its part will disappear, being replaced by a head screen.

Mini Cooper

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The electric MINI Cooper will be manufactured in China

Some physical controls will remain to improve ergonomics, including a small gear selector and a start button, and most of the chrome will be removed. The Cooper will also debut a highly customizable dashboard whose surfaces will act as “canvases” that the customer can modify according to their tastes and needs.

Developed in collaboration with the Chinese group Big Wall, the new MINI Cooper will be exclusively electric. It will live for a while with the thermal versions of the previous model, which will receive a deep aesthetic restyling to resemble its zero-emission brother.

Mini Cooper

The renewed electric MINI Cooper will initially be available in two versions: cooper e.184 hp (135 kW), and Cooper SE, of 218 CV (160 kW). The first will equip 40.7 kWh batteries and the second 54.2 kWh, which will translate into an approved autonomy of between 300 and 400 km under the European WLTP cycle. Later, a high-performance JCW (John Cooper Works) variant will be added, which in addition to being somewhat more powerful, will have a specific body kit and tuning.

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