Prices for Spain of the BYD Dolphin that will start at 29,990 euros

Prices for Spain of the BYD Dolphin that will start at 29,990 euros

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One of the main attractions of the Barcelona Motor Show is the presence of the Chinese manufacturer BYD. The Asian brand is in full international expansion and today has announced the prices for our country of two of its upcoming launches, the compact Dolphin and the Seal saloon.

BYD currently has an offer in Spain made up of the Atto 3 compact SUV, the Han sedan and the Tang EV SUV. Some proposals that will soon be joined by two other illustrious representatives who will arrive to attack two of the most popular segments in Europe.

A proposal with a great job in the design section, which offers us a stylized compact with a very European flavor. And it is that this model has been the work of BYD’s chief designer, the German Wolfgang Egger, who has been at SEAT, Audi, Lancia, Alfa Romeo…

The European Dolphin has a 4.29-meter-long body with a 2.70-meter wheelbase and a 345-liter trunk. Something that places it directly in the C segment, one of the most important in the old continent, where it will compete against rivals such as the MG 4 and the Volkswagen ID.3.

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It has a 150 kW (204 CV) motor and battery, it will have an access capacity of 44.9 kWh, with a WLTP range that has yet to be approved and which under the Chinese CLTC cycle reaches 401 km, so under the European cycle it will be around 350 km, while the second version increases its battery capacity to 60.4 kWh, which gives it a range of 427 km WLTP.

For its part, in the charging aspect, the small battery versions will be able to charge up to 7 kW in AC, and 70 kW in fast charging socket in its access version, although it will be able to reach 100 kW continuously in its Boost variant. . While those with a 60 kWh battery can reach 11 kW in AC and 100 kW in continuous.

The Dolphin will have up to four different versions in our market, two with the access battery and another two with greater capacity, with prices that will start at 29,990 euros for the cheapest, while the one with the highest capacity will start its rates at 35,690 euros.

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Figures that place the Delfín at the level of the MG 4. A proposal that in its Standard version starts at 30,690 euros, with its 50.8 kWh battery, 350 km of autonomy, but which has a slightly larger body, and better fast charging power.

ModelEngineBatteryWLTP autonomyfast charging powerPrice
BYD Active Dolphin70 kilowatts44.9 kWh350km*100 kilowatts€29,990
BYD Dolphin Boost130 kilowatts44.9 kWh350km*100 kilowatts€30,690
MG4Standard125 kilowatts50.8 kWh350km117 kilowatts€30,690
MG 4 Comfort150 kilowatts61.7 kWh450km135 kilowatts€35,190
BYD Dolphin Comfort150 kilowatts60.4 kWh427km100 kilowatts€35,690
BYD dolphin design150 kilowatts60.4 kWh427km100 kilowatts€37,690
Hyundai Kona Electric150 kilowatts64 kWh484km100 kilowatts€37,850
Renault Megane e-Tech160 kilowatts60 kWh450km130 kilowatts€43,392
*Figure pending approval

As we can see, the prices are in some cases identical between the two Chinese models whose differences in terms of design are obvious. Two proposals of an almost identical size, 4.28 meters for the MG 4 and 4.29 meters long for the BYD.

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A Dolphin that stands out for the use of robust LFP batteries in all its versions, while the MG 4 only installs them in its lower capacity version.

Prices that as we remember, are before aid or promotions of the manufacturers, which as we can see leave their most direct rivals in the segment far behind.