from Rome the announcement of the VR46 driver

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The daring situation of Andrea Migno, pilot of the VR46 Academy. Here’s the latest announcement, see what it’s going to do.

The VR46 rider goes on – MotoriNews

Unemployed at the end of 2022, now replacing an injured rider in the Moto3 World Championship. A period full of upheavals for Andrea Migno, whose future is still uncertain after losing the official saddle in the minor class of the World Championship. But the VR46 Academy rider has the opportunity, a few GPs with CIP – Green Power in place of Lorenzo Fellon, struggling with shoulder trouble. A satisfaction he’s already taken it in Argentina, he definitely didn’t shine in Austin, now it’s the turn of the GP at Jerez in the next few days. However, the standard bearer of the VR46 did a announcementthat’s how much will remain in the World Cup.

Ups and downs

Andrea Migno boasts a long experience in the Moto3 category. In 2013 and 2014 he contested only a few world wild cards, starting from 2015 he was an official driver thanks to the then Sky VR46 Racing Team. Thus begins his adventure in the minor class of the World Championship. The first podiums arrived the following year, in 2017 he recorded his first victory, but there was one sin that distinguishes his career in the category. Migno unfortunately doesn’t shine for consistency, his significant results are too many sporadic and you never see that leap in quality that you expected. Over the years, in addition to the Sky VR46, we also see it with the colors of Angel Nieto Team, now reverted to Aspar Team. But it is also at the start with the colors of Best Capital Dubai (one of the many names in the World Wide Race led by Fiorenzo Caponera), now defunct team. In the last two years he runs with Snipers Teamas said at the end of 2022 is on foot. Left out of the World Championship, Andrea Migno has to find a place in other championships, but so far without success.

V46 pilot on the attack – MotoriNews

“Gladiator” VR46

Until it comes there worldwide call. Lorenzo Fellon has big physical problems, he has to have an operation, so the CIP team is without a rider for who knows how long. Migno is in Portimao, so here is theagreement for necessary replacements. The Italian driver starts from Argentina and surprises everyone, here’s one amazing podium in competition! It’s a crazy party, CIP and all the boys of the VR46 Academy don’t miss the opportunity to “assault him” in parc fermé. A comeback with a bang, which unfortunately doesn’t have a sequel in Austin, given that it closes out of the points. Confirmation was up to JerezGP that will take place in the next few days, but here’s the announcement: from Rome, Migno announces that he will be there until the GP in Le Mans! At least, it will then depend on the situation of the owner driver. A’occasion plus for the VR46 rider to get noticed.