but why should the VR46 team leave Ducati for Yamaha?

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The VR46 team linked to Ducati, but “courted” by Yamaha with a view to the future. A marriage, however, that seems unlikely.

VR46 and Ducati, a winning combination – MotoriNews

Among the many market hypotheses, more or less imaginative, there is one in particular that has been around for some time. Numerous denials have arrived from the parties, but the topic keeps coming back and therefore creating discussions in this sense. It’s about the team VR46 in MotoGP, linked to Ducati but still associated with Yamaha. There’s a lot of romance in this pairing, reminiscing about winning pasts with Valentino Rossi. The question that arises, however, is this: Why never, looking at the current situation, should VR46 want to change a Ducati with a Yamaha?

Sweet memories of yesteryear

The past is certainly a very pleasant period for Yamaha. With Valentino Rossi in particular, he found that winning drive that was missing in the premier class. There was also the period of the duel, complete with a wall in the garage, between the Doctor and Jorge Lorenzo. Very heavy air in the garage, poisonous words between the two and relentless fistfights on the track, but in terms of results it was a joyful moment for Yamaha. This is precisely the brand with which VR46 ended its glorious career in the world championship, demonstrating a very solid bond between the parties. Now VR46 has become the name of the team that races on a permanent basis in the World Championship, although currently only in MotoGP after closing the Moto3 and Moto2 chapters. However, the story is no longer that, given that the team is linked to Ducati.

VR46 and Yamaha, sweet memories – MotoriNews

VR46-Yamaha, romance is not enough

The title speaks for itself. A comparison between the two bikes at the moment is quite merciless. The Desmosedici has now become the bike of dreams in the MotoGP category. The M1, on the other hand, continues to show various difficulties, despite the patches that Fabio Quartararo is trying to put on it. The podium obtained in Austin is a breath of fresh air, but a small one. Ducati is increasingly master of the MotoGP, indeed it is with that bike that Marco Bezzecchi, a VR46 rider, in Argentina conquered a historic victory for himself, for the team and also for the Ducati. Yamaha needs a satellite team after losing RNF, but it must also have something good to offer. The romance of yesteryear isn’t enough to convince VR46, right now the M1 really isn’t the best bike of the lot.