Premium electric SUV with record autonomy

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Fisker Ocean is the electric SUV built in the USA and with a record range of around 700 km. Sales in Europe will start soon.

Fisker Ocean
Fisker Ocean –

The electric car market can boast a new model that comes from California: Fisker Ocean is winning over customers thanks to its unprecedented range.

Fisker Ocean with record autonomy

The market for electric cars is growing exponentially, the epochal turning point of the four wheels is gaining ground and even the recharging infrastructures are expanding like wildfire. The offer from automotive brands is also growing, perfecting technologies by leaps and bounds, making available to customers a wide range of models capable of satisfying all needs.

Fisker Ocean
Fisker Ocean – Motors.News

The new one will soon arrive in Europe too Fisker Ocean, the Californian brand’s SUV that is positioning itself in the Premium electric market. It has passed even the latest EU marketing request and we will soon be able to see it on the streets of the Old Continent, with thousands of units produced and stored in the Austrian factory Magna Steyr in Graz, a carbon-free factory that produces for third parties. It will make its way through the competition with a truly brutal figure: it will guarantee a range of around 700 km.

The versions of the electric SUV

Deliveries will begin shortly even if the Californian manufacturer had foreseen deliveries of the first units in February. The tests carried out in European laboratories upset the plans a bit, delaying the delivery of the first vehicles. From 5 May, the Fisker Ocean SUV will begin to be delivered to the first owners who, in Europe, exceed 50,000 customers who have decided to grab this vehicle in advance. These will be given the special launch edition Ocean One Launch Editionwhile deliveries of the all-wheel drive Ocean Ultra and front-wheel drive Ocean Sport will begin in September.

It will be equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels and is available in three versions. Fisker Ocean Sport it will have a single 275 HP engine, powered by a lithium-ion battery that guarantees a range of 440 km in the WLTP cycle. The setup Ultra it has a range of 610 km and 540 HP of power guaranteed by the two engines mounted on the two axles. The setup Extremeequipped with two engines, has a power of 550 HP and a range of about 700 km.

Among the other peculiar features is a photovoltaic cover on the roof which, according to the House, produces enough energy to cover 2400 km a year. THE prices list prices will start from 41,900 euros.