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Fisker, the maker of the Ocean all-electric SUV, released additional photos and details about its flagship model, the Ronin, which is described by the California-based EV startup as a Super GT convertible.

Unveiled last week during the marque’s Product Vision Day 2023 event, where the Alaska pickup and affordable Pear models also made an appearance, the Fisker Ronin will feature an integrated battery pack that will enable an anticipated range of 600 miles on a full charge, all while seating five people.

The company, founded and led by automotive designer Henrik Fisker, says the Ronin will function as a sports sedan when the folding hardtop is raised, making it a sort of 2-in-1 vehicle, similar to what the discontinued internal combustion Mercedes-Benz S-Class convertible but with a carbon fiber roof instead of a cloth one and two extra doors.

According to the company, the foldable roof will be smartphone activated and retracts into the trunk, leaving “some luggage space.” Additionally, there’s a front trunk that offers extra luggage space.

All doors can be opened remotely by a smartphone and a single door handle will be mounted on each side, seeing how the front doors open electrically by swiping the handle or by using the smartphone app. Then, the handle extends when the rear butterfly doors are ready to be opened.

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Just 999 units will be built by hand, each with a price of $385,000, bringing the all-electric flagship into the same territory as the Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner W12 range-topper which starts at around $378,000.

Fisker Ronin 4-door Super GT convertible

Fisker Ronin 4-door Super GT convertible

Fisker says the projected 0 to 60 miles per hour time is approximately 2 seconds, while the top speed will be 170 mph, helped in part by the “over 1,000 horsepower” drivetrain and the use of lightweight materials throughout, like the aluminum space frame and the carbon fiber 23-inch wheels.

“The Fisker Ronin is for people who love to drive, but who are also thrilled by automotive art and design and demand that their high-performance vehicles embrace a sustainable future,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “Our goal was to create a classic grand touring car, updated for the 21st century and engineered for customers who want to drive from Los Angeles to Napa Valley on a single charge or take on the autobahn at steady high speeds without concern for battery capacity.”

Inside, the California EV maker (that currently builds the Ocean SUV in Austria) says the Ronin will set new standards for sustainable luxury and will use innovative recycled and sustainable materials with the goal of making the electric Super GT convertible the world’s most sustainable supercar.

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Fisker Ronin 4-door Super GT convertible interior

Fisker Ronin 4-door Super GT convertible interior

A 17.1-inch high-resolution screen and instrument cluster positioned in front of the driver will adorn the dashboard, with one of the photos showing a screen on the steering wheel itself.

Reservations for the Fisker Ronin are open on the company’s website, with a $2,000 deposit for the first pre-order and a fully refundable $1,000 for the second.

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